Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Juul, Lars (Hansen)

Juul, Lars (Hansen), drummer, composer, educator; b. Bornholm, Denmark, 15 July 1965. His father's name is Per Juul Hansen (b 1942). His mother's name is Lis Juul Hansen (b 1943). His sister is Stine Juul Hansen (b 1971).

He grew up in a home full of music, where his parents where deeply into music and especially into jazz music. Juul got his first snare drum at age 6 and began listen to folk and rock artists as Simon and Garfunkel, Seekers and Beatles. At age 14 hi began to study drums seriously and played in different school bands and the local church orchestra. After a few years he started the band Elektra in cooperation with two of his school friends, and composed music for a rock opera together. At age 16 he grounded the 7 pieces funk band band Fluxx and became a semiprofessional at the same time. In 1984 Lars Juul moved to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, to study drums by Ed Thigpen, Aage Tangaard, Ole Romer and classical percussion by professor Bent Lylloff. At the same time he began a full professional career with amongst others piano player Soren Norbo's trio with bass player Jimmi Roger Pedersen. The trio performed with a lot of soloist amongst others, Debbie Cameron, Bent Jaedig and Jesper Thilo. Later he played with Caecilie Nordby, Jorgen Emborg, Etta Cameron, Richard Boone, Jens Sondergaard and Torolf Molgaard. Juul meet guitar player Hasse Poulsen in 1985 and formed the trio HCL with bass player Casper Ludvigsen.  Poulsen and Juul formed The Sound of Choice Ensemble in 1991 with trumpet player Jens Horsving. Horsving left the band in 1993 and saxophone player Fredrik Lundin joyned the group. The band has been touring in Europe, participates in radio programs, performed with dancers, poets, arranges workshops, and played with different soloists. Since the beginning of 2002 the band has toured in Europe with the French string quartet IXI. 

Since 1988 Juul has had a very fertile cooperation with the Danish guitarist Fredrik Soegaard. Among other things the band uses computer generated fractals to control effect machines, live electronics and live sampling. In 1993 he formed the group Takuan in conjunction with keyboardplayer Jakob Davidsen and trumpeter Flemming Agerskov. The band has played festivals like Umea International Jazz-Festival, Rencontres Internationales de Jazz de Nevers and Rive de Giere in France.
From 1998 Juul began a work with Norwegian trumpet player Arve Henriksen in different projects. The cooperation with Henriksen started on festivals in Sweden and Denmark as a duo work. Later on in trio with the Icelandic guitar player Hilmar Jensson and quintet with Danish saxophone player Lotte Anker, guitar player Pierre Dorge and bass player Peter Friis Nielsen. A new trio with Norwegian bass player Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and French pianist Benoit Delbecq was founded in the beginning of 2003. The band played its first tour together, in Belgium and Holland, in May 2003. As a composer Juul has created music for dance performances, most recently the Bolvaerksdanse, with the Royal Danish Balletdancer Karina Elver and the choreographer Esa Alanne, the Star Wars performance with Camilla Stage and Dansekoncert with Thomas Eisenhardt. He has composed music for wind quintet and string quartet as well as for mixed ensembles and movies.
Apart from a large acoustic spectrum of colours - skins, wood, metal, plastic - he works extensively with various sampling and effect machines which he controls by foot pedals placed between the drums. He's sparkling drums with all kinds of preparations; hubcabs, chinese gongs and chains, all of which he processes through livesamplere and liveelectronics. As an educator Lars Juul has taught on The Royal Danish Musicconservatory, The Rhythmic Musicconservatory, Conservatory on Fun, Conservatory in Arhus, Conservatory in Northjutland, The Danish Jazzacademi, Colleges in Denmark and Sweden, Musikhogskolan in Malmoe, Sweden and MGK in Denmark. He has performed with a lot of soloists amongst others: Markus Stockhausen, Barry Guy, Arve Henriksen, Iain Ballamy, Irene Schweizer, Pierre Dorge, Axel Dorner, Hilmar Jensson, Jorma Tapio, Raoul Bjorkenheim Tim Hodgkinson and Thomas Clausen.

Juul lives with his wife Jannie and their two daughters Clara (b. 2000) and Barbara (b.2002).

Fredrik Soegaard's Ensemble: Ballads (1992); Various Artists: The Best of Stunt (1992); The Sound of Choice Ensemble: Triple Exposure (1993); Den Danske Jazzkreds: Changes (1993); Anna Bright: To This Planet (1994); The Sound of Choice Ensemble: Sound of Choice (1995), Element X (1996); Takuan: Takuan (1997); Hugh Steinmetz: Gate of Changes (1997); The Soegaard Ensemble: Chronox (1998); Sound of Choice: Dynamics (1998); Irgens-Moller/Friis Nielsen/Juul: Skraep (1999); Jens Skou Olsen Group: Septemberveje (1999); The Soegaard Ensemble: Mulitverse (2000); Tukuan: Push (Grammy winner, 2000); Klakkki: Lemon River (2001); Sound of Choice: Back Street Theatre (2001)

Contact information:
Lars Juul
Godthabsvej 117, 2. Tv
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
phone +45 38 11 47 48


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