Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Katz, Ian

Katz, Ian, drummer; b. New Hyde Park, NY, 9 April 1971. He started playing drums in high school when his good friends asked him to join the band they were starting. That band was called Surreal. After 12 years together, hundreds of shows, many recordings, and a degree in Computer Science, it was time to move on to different things. Along the way, he was influenced by the great music of U2, REM, Soundgarden, The Spin Doctors, The Choosy Mothers, Phish, The Sea and Cake, Jeff Buckley, and many more, not to mention the great collaboration between the members of Surreal and our long-time producer, Paul DiBennedetto. At the age of 27, he finally decided to start studying drums formally. He's studied with a great NYC drummer and teacher named Peter Lewis and the great jazz drummer Winard Harper. Now he's finishing a BFA degree in jazz performance, and since have been turned on to the phenomenal drumming of Billy Cobham, Idris Muhammed, Steve Gadd, and all of the jazz masters who came before them. He's also been listening to many great artists from around the world such as Ernest Ranglin, Oliver Mtukudzi, and Baaba Maal, to name a few. This exposure has helped me continue to develop my own sound and style.  He's currently performing with Furley (www.furley.net) and Milquetoast (www.milquemusic.com) as well as doing some jazz standard gigs on the side and studying piano.

Surreal: Pensive (1993), Drawing Bridges and Basement Sketches (1995), Surreal (1997), 3 new hits (1999); Jove: Sunday Clothes (1998); Milquetoast: Live at Izzy Bar (2001); Furley: Dragon and Phoenix (2002)

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