Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Kersting, Michael (Paul)

Kersting, Michael (Paul), drums and percussion; b. Rottenburg, Germany, 5 February 1954. His father is Horst Kersting (b. Jan.3.1929) and his mother is Aneliese (Born as Dietrich, Nov.25. 1930). They were not musicians. He's an autodidact; only listening to music was his teacher.
A jazz enthusiast, Michael jumped into the scene and started playing with musicians like Wolfgang Engstfeld, Wolfgang Dauner, Michel Herr, Ed Kroger, Bernd Konrad and more. He played throughout Europe Jazz Clubs with Chet Baker, Mal Waldron, Jimmy Woody, Carrie Smith, Ack van Rooyen, Joe Gallardo, Joerg Reiter and others.

He was a member of "Toto Blanke's Electric Circus" feat. Stu Goldberg, Toni Lakatos, Trilok Gurtu and Christof Lauer. In 1980 he made a rhythm section with Thomas Stabenow and Klaus Wagenleiter. In the following years he toured through the world and played concerts, events, radio and TV shows with Jaco Pastorius, Richie Beirach, Jack Bruce, Bireli Lagrene, Steve Lacy, Karl Berger, Thomas Heidepriem, Albert Mangelsdorff, Klaus Doldinger, Urszula Dudziak, Lauren Newton, Ernie Watts, Kenny Wheeler, Vanessa Rubin, Carla Cook, Terumasa Hino, Toni Scherr and "Roots" feat. Benny Golson, Arthur Blythe Chico Freeman and Buster Williams.

In 1986/87 he worked and lived in New York. Back to Germany in 1989 he won the Jazz prize of Baden-Wurttemberg and this reward brought him new projects like Exotic Showcase in Yokohama, Olympic Games in Barcelona, World Athletic Championship in Stuttgart, Yak Jazz in Jakarta, NAFSA Convention in Chicago, San Diego, performed and recorded in April 2002 in NYC.USA with Tim Sund,Tom Christensen,Ben Allison and played at the Jazzopen Festival 2002 with the Stuttgart SymphonicOrchestra feat. Randy Brecker, Charlie Mariano, Richie Beirach and more. He also performed on the Budapest Concert Tour, Gitte Hanning in Jazz a.m.m.

Michael did musical shows "Bye Bye Show Bizz" by Jerome Savary, "Linie 1" and "Rent", and toured with Mario Adorf's "Al Dente" and "Ciao" show.
Michael plays Paiste cymbals and Premier drums, Schlagwerk percussion and Johnny RaBB sticks.

Five (1989)
As sideperson:
Martin Schrack Quintett: Reflection (1990); Thomas Stabenow: Human Spirit Trio (1992), What's New (featuring Kenny Wheeler)  (1994); Mario Adorf: Al Dente Live (1994); Frank Kuruc: Limits NO Limits (1995); Marabouts: Invisible Landmarks (1997); Sudpool Project: Moonsuite (featuring Karl Berger)  (1993); Klaus Wagenleiter Trio: Sweet Choice (1997); Frootloop: Dumbek (1998); Musical "Rent" (1999); Tim Sund: Trialoque (2001); Inferno Artist: 9:30 (2002)

Contact information:
Michael Kersting, Akazienstr. 27, 10823 Berlin, Germany
Phone:++49 30 397 467 97, AB& Fax:++49 30 397 467 98,
Mobil:++49 0163 254 30 83 e-mail: michael@michaelkersting.de or
kerstingdrum@web.de,  http://www.michaelkersting.de

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