Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Klauber, Dr. Bruce (H.)

Klauber, Dr. Bruce (H.), percussion, reeds, vocalist, author, video producer; b. Philadelphia, PA, 3 May 1952. His mother (born Frances Schwartz, 1913) played piano, sang and danced in vaudeville. His brother (Joel, b. 1945) became a singer, drummer and musicologist mentored by Martin Williams.

He studied privately beginning at the age of seven with Paul Patterson and other instructors.  Learned rudiments of piano, saxophone and vibes under Bala-Cynwyd Junior High School Music Director Leonard Murphy, who had played with the Les and Larry Elgart Orchestra.  First professional job at the age of eight, with the Stu Harris Orchestra at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel.  Later work as a teen with a trio he co-led with pianist Andy Kahn, backing Pepper Adams, Jerry Dodgian, Bernard Peiffer, Al Grey.  First recording with that trio--along with Ronald Reuben and Glenn Dodson of The Philadelphia Orchestra--released in 1971.  Studied Marketing at Rider College 1970-1971. Later, he studied Radio Television and Film at Temple University from 1971-1975.  Graduated with B.A. In Communications and Theatre from Temple, 1975. While at Rider and Temple, he spent several months backing Charlie Ventura.  From 1975 to 1977, he accompanied Milt Buckner.

Began work as an editor and a journalist, while still continuing to play locally, with publications that included Down Beat, Modern Drummer, Atlantic City Magazine, Film Bulletin and many more.  In the 1980s, played with his own jazz quartets in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, as well as backing singers Sonny Avernona, Joanie Sommers, Bobby Scott and Frank D'Rone. Received Honorary Doctorate from Philadelphia's prestigious Combs College of Music, where he served on the Board of Trustees, to his "contributions to jazz scholarship, performance and music education."  Wrote "World of Gene Krupa: That Legendary Drummin' Man," with an introduction by Mel Torme', in 1990, which led to a career as a video producer with DCI Music Video/Warner Brothers, later Hudson Music. These videos, on Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Legends of Jazz Drumming and many more--narrated by artists such as Steve Allen, Roy Haynes, Louis Bellson, Jack DeJohnette and Mel Torme'--have often been cited as "landmark works." 

Fhe drum solos on his Krupa and Rich videos were transcribed and published as drum instruction books for Warner Brothers Publications. He produced the first Zildjian Lifetime Achievement Awards videos on Roy Haynes, Max Roach, Bellson and Elvin Jones, narrated by Ed Bradley.  In the early 1990s, Dr. Klauber played drums on guitarist Jimmy Bruno's first recording for the Concord Jazz label, "Sleight of Hand."  Many more recordings in the late 1990s with the DBK Jazz label, including those with Steve Goodman, Frank DiBussolo, Bruce Kaminsky, and his own group.  "Bruce Klauber Salutes The Legends of Jazz Drumming" on the DBK Jazz label reached the top ten of the Gavin Radio Report Jazz Charts upon its release in 1997.  Since 1990, Dr. Klauber has continued to perform locally and serve as Musical Director for jazz vocalist Joy Adams. Projects currently in the works include the DVD documentary "Roots of Rock and Roll Drumming" in collaboration with Steve Smith, a Lionel Hampton Tribute DVD, and expansion of his multi-media presentation, "The History of Jazz Drumming on Film" under sponsorship of the Zildjian Cymbal company. 

In the winter of 2004 he began teaching at Philadelphia's University of The Arts. 

Contact information:
DrumAlive@aol.com (e-mail), www.JazzLegends.com (web site)

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