Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Koeck, Wolfgang

Koeck, Wolfgang, guitar; b. Allentsteig, Lower Austria, 6 February 1975. Her mother was Elisabeth Koeck (1948-1999) and her father is Erich Koeck (b. 1946). Her sister is Susanne Kuehtreiber (b. 1968) and his twin brother, Werner Koeck, twin (b. 1975), is also a musician (guitar, composition, arrangement).

From 1981-1985, he studied at Volksschule (Elementary School) in Schwarzenau. From 1985-1993, he studied at Bundesgymnasium (High School) Waidhofen/Thaya. From 1993-1994, he attended Wehrdienst (Army Service). From 1994-1999, he did studies at the Jazzdepartment of the Conservatory of the City of Vienna. Guitar instruction from the age of eight onwards (age eight to thirteen at the school of music of Allentsteig/Lower Austria. Age thirteen to eighteen at the school of music of Waidhofen/Thaya) At the age of thirteen he changed to electric guitar and electric bass. First encounter with jazz and jazzrock guided by his teachers Petr Pohl, Thomas Schwebisch and Martin Schuster

First own jazz/rock band "Big Band". Prizes at the young talent contests "Rockinella" and "Pop-O-Drom." Performances as support-act for: Flying Pickets, Black Sabbath, Jimmy Dillon (former Bruce Springsteen). He's a member of the "Backwood"-Jazzband, later Arkestra, led by Thomas Schwebisch.

From 1994-1999, he did studies at the jazz department of the Conservatory of Vienna, graduated summa cum laude in the following subjects. His jazz guitar teacher was Mag. Spechtl. His jazz bass teacher was Gerhard Ulrich Langthaler. His jazz pedagogy teacher was Mag. Riedel. He attended workshops and masterclasses by Mick Goodrick and Jerry Bergonzi and took private classes by Wayne Krantz and Martin Koller. In spring 2000 he was awarded a grant at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. From 1999-2001, he was a teacher at Schaller music school, teaching guitar and electric guitar. Since 1995, he has been a teacher at the school of music of Waidhofen/Thaya. Teaching guitar, e-guitar and e-bass.

He leads a trio Space Cadets which has recorded "Giant Steps" and other pieces, and  performs in Double U, the duo with his twin brother Werner Koeck, who also teaches at the school of music, as well as FNL (Frilled Neck Lizzards--sic) which mixes rap with crossover-rock.

Arkestra: Erwachen (1996); Various Artists: From Worldbeat To Bluenote (1996); Han Soo Young (1998); Space Cadets: Ready For Take Off  (2000); FNL: Frilled Neck Lizzards (2002); Various Artists: Projekt Pop! 4444 Seconds of Austrian Music (2002)

October 2000
Week 10/2002

Contact information:
Wolfgang Koeck
telephone: 0043 676 920 43 57
e-mail: koeck_wolfgang@hotmail.com

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