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Kohlhase, Charlie

Kohlhase, Charlie (Charles Remick Kohlhase) alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, composer. b. Portsmouth, NH November 28, 1956.

Youngest of seven children (siblings Edward b. 1935, Barbara b. 1938, Mary b. 1940, Bonnie b. 1946, Elizabeth b. 1949, Webster b. 1950) born to Webster H. Kohlhase (1901-1991) and Lena Remick (b. 1917).  Kohlhase grew up in Southern New Hampshire and first became interested in jazz while a volunteer disc jockey at the University of New Hampshire's radio station WUNH (1972-1980). Picked up the saxophone after graduating high school in 1974. Mostly self-taught in saxophone and composition. Lessons with Tom Bergeron (1975), Stan Strickland (1976-79), Roswell Rudd (1980), Joe Allard (1981). Worked in New Hampshire with Seacoast Jazz Players (1975-7), ESP with Matt Langley and David Tonkin (1977-80). Moved to Boston late in 1980.  Intermittently active in Boston in the early 1980's in trio with Ken Filiano and Nick Prout. Also performed in saxophone duo with Matt Langley. In 1987 Kohlhase joined the Either/ Orchestra, staying until 2001. E/O toured frequently from 1988, playing throughout US and Canada as well as in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. Also in 1987 joined John Leaman's Mandala Octet, staying until 1996. Formed the Charlie Kohlhase Quintet in 1989...with Langley, trombonist Curtis Hasselbring (later replaced by trumpeter John Carlson), bassist John Turner and drummer Matt Wilson (replaced successively by Nat Mugavero, Johnny McLellan and Eric Rosenthal). The Quintet performed with John Tchicai in Portland, ME in January 1993. CKQ toured American Midwest annually between 1994 and 1999, playing clubs and festivals. The CKQ has collaborated with trombonist Roswell Rudd on a recording and in clubs (2000-2002). Since 1999 Kohlhase has been active in a number of Boston-area ensembles. Joined Matt Steckler's Dead Cat Bounce in 1999. Trio with trombonist Jeff Galindo and guitarist Mitch Seidman 1999-2000. Also member of Chris Allen's Central Artery Project, Nate McBride Quartet, Brian Carpenter's Beat Science and Jim Hobbs' Ghost Band. Kohlhase has continued working in Saxophone Duo with Matt Langley, performing around New England and touring Midwest in Fall 2001. Formed CK5 in 2001 with saxophonist Jason Hunter, guitarist Eric Hofbauer, bassist Scott Barnum and drummer Robert Roses. CK5 toured Midwest US November 2002. Kohlhase toured Southern US in duo with CK5 bassist Scott Barnum October 2002.  Kohlhase is still active in radio, hosting "Research & Development" on WMBR-FM in Cambridge from 4 to 6 PM on Mondays and occasionally subbing on WGBH.

Kohlhase' first official recording was a cassette of duets with Matt Langley and Steve Adams and saxophone quartets with Langley, Adams and Stan Strickland "Saxophone Quartet" (1985) on Essence. Recordings with the Charlie Kohlhase Quintet: "Research & Development" (1990);  "Good Deeds" (1992) both on Accurate; 1 track on compilation  "Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute" (1994) on Rastascan; "Dart Night" (1995) and 1 track on Ken Schaphorst's "Over The Rainbow" (1996) both on Accurate. "Dancing On My Bedpost" (1998) on CIMP; "Eventuality: The Charlie Kohlhase Quintet Plays The Music Of Roswell Rudd" with Rudd (2000) on Nada and "Play Free Or Die" (2001) on Boxholder. With the CK5: "CK5 Live!" (2001-2) on Creative Nation.

Various co-led sessions: "Konk" with Keith Hedger, Nate McBride and  Curt Newton (1998) on Boxholder; "Life Overflowing" quintet co-led  with John Tchicai (1998) on Nada; "You Start," saxophone duets with  Matt Langley (1999) on Boxholder; "Congeniality" with Jeff Galindo  and Mitch Seidman (1999) on Cadence; "North Country Pie" with David  Wertman and Lou Grassi (2002) on CIMP. As a sideman Kohlhase has  appeared with the Either/ Orchestra: "Radium" (1988); "The Half-Life  Of Desire" (1989); "The Calculus Of Pleasure" (1990); "The  Brunt" (1994); "Across The Omniverse" (1989-1996); "More Beautiful  Than Death" (1999) and "Afro-Cubism" (2001) all on Accurate. With  Dead Cat Bounce on "Legends Of The Nar" (2001) on Chonsky. With Mitch  Seidman on "Fretware" (1994) on Brownstone. With the Mandala Octet on  "The Notion Of Obstacle" (1988) on Volition; "La Spada Di San  Galgano" (1989) and "The Last Elephant" (1992) both on Accurate.

Radio broadcasts exist with nearly all of the above from WERS and  WGBH in Boston (1989 to now) and WGVU in Grand Rapids, MI (Quintet  and CK5 only).

Unissued live recording with Charlie Kohlhase Quintet and John  Tchicai at Cafe No in Portland, ME (1993). Unissued studio session  with Miller David Jamrog, Mark Shilansky and Thomson Kneeland  (2000-2001).

Boston Music Awards for Outstanding Jazz Recording for "Dart Night"  in 1996; "Life Overflowing" in 1999 and "Eventuality: The Charlie  Kohlhase Quintet Plays The Music Of Roswell Rudd" in 2001.

Interview in Cadence Magazine (September 2000); profile in Downbeat  ((December 1997)

On-line profiles at allmusicguide.com and allaboutjazz.com.

Charlie Kohlhase/
26 Chester Street/
Malden, MA/ 02148.
Phone: 781-338-0966.
E-mail: ckohlhase@aol.com
Website: cnmpro.com

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