Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Krakowczyk, Thomas

Krakowczyk, Thomas, guitarist, trumpeter, singer, composer; b. Frankfurt a.M., Germany, 19 February 1964. First guitar lessons when he was 7 years old. From 1983 he lived in Munich and took music lessons from Thomas Reimer and John Thomas (guitar), Rudolf Roth (rhythm), Chris Beier (theory, harmonic concepts). He started playing trumpet and performing professionally as a jazz guitarist in Munich 1984 with his Trio "Conception".

In 1987 he moved to Hamburg, where he remained. He studied jazz there at the "Hochschule fur Musik" (1988-96) and obtained lessons from Joe Pass, Herb Geller and Wynton Marsalis. He started performing regularly with his trio at Dennis' Swing Club 1988, put up a small big band the Jazz 'n' Dance Orchestra (1994), for which he writes the arrangements. Since 1999 his activities concentrate more and more on performing as a trumpet player in his Latin jazz group Ricardo Aleman y su orquesta, with which he started touring and playing concerts in other cities. He named himself Ricardo Aleman because he looked for a pseudonym that would be easy to remember and would sound well in the Spanish talking world. Since 1995 he produces CDs for his own record label smack dab records. Since summer 2002 he's started to perform a Swing repertoire as "Nat King Thomas."

From Bop to New Age (1994); Jazz 'n' Dance Orchestra: Nightclubsinger (1995); Die Kapelle spielt den Blues (1996); Dedicated to Dennis (2001); Ricardo Aleman y su orquesta: El angel de Tejadillo (2001)

Contact information:
Thomas Krakowczyk, Eggerstedtstr. 60, 22765 Hamburg, Germany, Tel: (4940)

3898797, e-mail: info@smackdab.de, internet: www.smackdab.de

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