Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Krauz, Laurie

Krauz, Laurie, vocalist; b. Bronx, NY, 18 August 1955. At the age of 10 Laurie, her father (Adolph, 1929-1992), mother (Betty, b. 1930) and brother (Dan, b. 1952) moved to Long Island, New York.

Laurie studied piano at the age of 5 but when her beloved teacher passed away suddenly several years later she chose not to continue and did not return to music until many years later. Although Laurie included music in her coursework at The Pennsylvania State University (1973-1976), her early career took her from Medical Social Work to the world of Finance on Wall Street.  In 1980 she took a singing course as a lark.  Three years later, after voice and music studies with Ron Panvini, Marianne Challis and Ellie Ellsworth, Laurie left her work as an officer of a bank on Wall Street to pursue a musical theatre career.  She traveled the U.S. and Canada for several years in musical theatre.

In 1986 she was cast in a four-part harmony swing ensemble and discovered the "thrill of improvisation." She discontinued her work in musical theatre and focused solely on her work as a jazz vocalist. She continued her musical studies with coursework at New School University (New York, USA) and private coachings.  Her teachers have included Daryl Kojak, John R. Williams, Carla White, Woody Mann, Stephen Tarshis and Jay Bianchi.  In 1997 she was awarded a Bistro Award by Back Stage magazine and has been nominated several times in the past 5 years for an Outstanding Jazz Vocalist award by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC).  She has appeared at a number of legendary venues such as Birdland, The Blue Note, Town Hall, S.O.B.'s, Sardi's, Soul Cafe, Cleopatra's Needle and The Rainbow Room.  Her work has received rave reviews in numerous publications, including The New York Daily News and Time Out Magazine.

Laurie's brother Dan lives in Long Island, New York with his wife Merry (b. 1954) and their children Matthew (b. 1979), Bradley (b. 1981), Stephany (b. 1983) and Benjamin (b. 1991). Her mother, Betty, continues to live in Long Island, New York.

Recordings, Broadcasts:
Catch Me If You Can (2001); Good Night Blue (1999 - solo cut on CD released in conjunction with TV program Blues Clues); Numerous radio interviews in the U.S. including WRTI, Philadelphia; interview with Jeff Duperon; 2001; Numerous live radio performances in the U.S. including WBAI, New York ("Everything Old is New Again with David Kenney"1999 and 2001) and Jim Lowe's syndicated radio show; The Cosby Show; featured vocalist (1990); Numerous commercial/advertising jingles.

Leavy, Peter, "Getting Off The Fast Track" Cabaret Scenes Magazine, June 2000; Cover story/interview.

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