Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Lake, Oliver (Eugene)

Lake, Oliver (Eugene), alto and soprano saxophonist, flute, synthesizer percussionist; b. Marianna, Ark., 14 September 1942. Moved to St Louis at age 1. Played sax in high sch., but did not study seriously until age 20. Worked in backup bands for r&b artists with trumpeter L. Bowie, drummer Phillip Wilson. Formed own group w. trumpeter F. LeFlore, drummer Leonard Smith. He got his BA in music educ. from Lincoln U, Jefferson City, Mo., 1968. He taught music in St Louis schools for 3 yrs. He's a founding member of the Black Artists Group (BAG), a St. Louis ensemble similar in scope to the Chicago-based AACM. Co-ordinated exchange concerts with AACM and BAG. Studied arranging, composing w. Oliver Nelson, Ron Carter. He spent two years in France with other BAG members. He studied electronic music in Paris, and played with A. Braxton and others. He moved to NYC 1974, recording under own name and with Braxton. He did concerts with L. Smith, L. Bowie, T. Daniel, etc. He has led Jump Up, and was a founding member of the World Saxophone Quartet along with Hamlet Bluiett, Julius  Hemphill, and David Murray, who was replaced in 1986 by John Stubblefield. Hemphill left due to illness and was replaced by Arthur Blythe.

Oliver Lake and Jump Up; Life Dance of Is (1978); Otherside; Heavy Spirits (1975); Holding Together  (1976); Buster Bee (1978); Shine (1978); Zaki (1979); Prophet (1980); Clevont Fitzhubert (1981); Jump Up (1981); Compilation  (1982); Plug It (1982): Expendable Language (1984); Dancevision (1986); Gallery (1986); Impala (1988); Boston Duets (1989); Again and Again (1991); Virtual Reality: Total Escapism (1991); Edge-ing (1993)
As sideperson:
Ntu: The Point from Which Freed (1971); Wildflowers: The N.Y. Loft (1976); World Saxophone Quartet: Dances & Ballads, Point of No Return (1977), Steppin' With (1978), Prophet (1980), Revue (1980), W.S.Q. (1980), Live in Zurich (1981), Live at Brooklyn Academy of Music (1985), Plays Duke Ellington (1986), Dances and Ballads (1987), Rhythm & Blues (1988), Metamorphosis (1990), Moving Right Along (1993), You Don't Know Me (1993), Breath Of Life (1995) Bibliography:
Jost, Jazzmusiker, 129-34.
Luzzi, Uomini e Avanguardie Jazz, 263-75

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