Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Lambert, Michael (Joseph Jules)

Lambert, Michael (Joseph Jules), drummer, composer; b. Quebec City, Canada, 24 October 1959. His grandfather, Omer L?tourneau (1891- 1983) was born in Quebec City and studied organ with Louis Vierne in Paris in 1913. His spouse was Maria Coulombe. They got married in 1915. Maria passed away in 1977. Together they had 12 children, many of whom became professional musicians. Many of the grand children became professional musicians as well. Michel's mother is Rachel Letourneau, singer, vocal teacher, born in 1929. She married Jules Lambert, psychiatrist. Jules was born in 1928 and passed away in 1999. They had five children, Jean, Andre, Danielle, Denis and Michel, all born between 1953 and 1959 and all involved with music in various degrees. Michel Lambert married Jeannette Schwager, singer, poet, improviser, writer, filmmaker in 1990. She was born in Leiden, Holland in 1965. They have two young sons, Jerome (b. 2000) and Theo (b. 2003). Jeannette has a brother, Reg, born in 1962. He is a jazz guitarist, lives in Toronto and currently works with George Shearing.

Lambert is the descendant of a virtual dynasty of classical musicians in Quebec. He spent a good part of his youth between the Petit S'minaire and the Conservatoire de Musique de Quebec, 1974 - 77, in the city of his birth. First a classical percussion student with professor Roger Juneau, his fascination with jazz drums and composition inspired him to pursue his musical education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, 1979 - 1982 where his professors included John La Porta, Herb Pomeroy, and Greg Hopkins. He won a few Berklee scholarships and later on, Canada Council grants helped him to study with Charlie Haden in Los Angeles in 1983, to attend the Banff Jazz Workshops in 1984, to participate in contemporary music workshops in Paris also in 1984 where he saw Boulez and Xenakis, to study with David Liebman in New York in 1985 and Misha Mengelberg in Amsterdam in 1986/87.

Since the mid 80's, different projects have taken him to Europe, across Canada, the U.S. and Asia, at different festivals like the Berliner Jazztreff, Jazzfest Wien, l'Europa Jazz Festival du Mans, Pori Jazz, Internationales New Jazz Moers, Tampere Jazz Happening, Jakarta Jazz Festival, Birmingham Jazz Festival, Festival Internazionale Jazz In Sardegna, JVC Jazz Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, Festival International de Jazz de Montr?al and many others. In recent years, he has worked with artists like Gary Burton, Pat LaBarbera, Dewey Redman, Kenny Wheeler, Bobo Stenson, Uri Caine, Jason Moran, Misha Mengelberg, Milcho Leviev and Barre Phillips. On the Toronto scene from '87 to '94 and as a resident of Montreal since '98, he has worked across the country with most of Canada's leading jazz artists like Herbie Spanier, Sonny Greenwich and Don Thompson. He currently works with Jeannette Lambert, Dave Young, Reg Schwager, Wray Downes, Phil Dwyer, Michael Stuart, Michel Donato, Pieree Ct? and Fran ois Carrier among others. He leads his own projects and works on international collaborations. In 1998, with a grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec, he was resident of the Studio du Quebec in New York City. Ten years earlier, in '88, he composed his "Journal des Episodes, 366 Episodes pour  orchestre symphonique". As a finalist in the WSO composers competition in 1992, 33 excerpts from the work received a World Premiere performance at the first Winnipeg New Music Festival by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bramwell Tovey. His orchestral works also include "Le Passant, Triptyque pour Orchestre Symphonique", composed in 1992. A reduction of the score "l'Ombre du Passant" was premiered at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto by the Aitken/ Tureski Duo, in '93.

Lambert has been a regular guest at Contemporary Music Festivals. At the Parry Sound, Festival of the Sound, concerts include several performances with musical director James Campbell, with artists like Alain Trudel, the british Allegri String Quartet or the National Academy Orchestra conducted by Boris Brott. At the Orford Festival, he was asked by director Rafi Armanian, to work first with David Baker, then with Phil Nimmons. He brought a few of his own groups at the Festival International du Domaine Forget in Charlevoix. He returned to perform his music at the WSO New Music Festival in 1995 and contributed the following year to some of the compositions and orchestral arrangements for a concert of the Dave Young trio with Orchestra London. As a composer and band leader, over 50 of his jazz related compositions have been broadcast nationally. His compositions for Lonely Universe on CMP records have been broadcast worldwide. When he brought his quartet to the Ontario Science Centre for CJRTSound of Toronto Jazz Series, critics wrote "...a challenging hour of unusual fare created by a masterly drummer" and "Lambert pushes the Jazz series to the edge."

Lambert spent most of '95 and '96 in Paris and Nice pursuing his work in music and visual arts. He completed "Ex-Voto", a series of 12 oil paintings that, later on, won him a commission (original oil panel paintings) from the Canada Council to illustrate the 4 cd box set, a compilation of Canadian music to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. He also produced a series of large canvasses in New York City, in '98. He has illustrated and conceptualized several cd covers.

Sacrilege (1991); Territoires de Pontougas (1992); 5ime Cycle de 7 (1997); Out Twice (2003)
As co-leader:
Michael White, Michel Lambert, David Torn, Mick Karn: Lonely Universe (1988); Michel Donato, Michel Lambert, Milcho Leviev: Les Trois Michel (2000); Pierre Ct?, Michel Lambert, Reg Schwager: Composition with Three Figures (2000); Harding, Lambert, Lozano, Seguin: Deadline (2001); Dave Young, Phil Dwyer and Lambert: We Three (2002); Three trio recordings, with Reg Schwager  and  Michel Lambert with, first, Michael Stuart, then Kenny Wheeler and finally Misha Mengelberg (2001-2002).
As sideperson:
Reg Schwager Trio: Resonance (1986); Raoul BjSrkenheim: Krakatau (1988); Krakatau: Krakatau Alive (1990); Jeannette Lambert: Songs For the Last Set (1991); Ma'kotron Unit: Requiem (1991), Too Gather (1991); Reg Schwager Trio: Know Your Zones (1991), Never Swim Alone (1991); Lonely Universe: Himh (1992); Jeannette Lambert: Forget Me Not (1992); Brian Buchanan: Avenues (1993); Herbie Spanier: Anthology vol. 1 (1993); Ma'kotron Unit: Dum Prliartur (1993), Naufrag? (1993); Black Fungus: Endless Walk (1993); Lonely Universe: la plage (1993); Dave Young/Phil Dwyer Quartet: Fables and Dreams (1994); Jeannette Lambert: Ask Her (1994); Jonnie Bakan Sextet: Nothing to Lose But Our Chains (1994); Ma'kotron Unit: L'Escamoteur (1994); Herbie Spanier: Anthology vol.2 (1995); Raoul BjSrkenheim: Krakatau (1996); Reg Schwager Trio: Border Town (1997), Resonance (reissue) (1997); Dave Young Trio with Gary Burton: Inner Urge (1998); Frederic Alarie: Motion (1998), Live Vienne (1999), MoonBass (2000); Jeannette Lambert: Lone Jack Pine (2000); Agostino Di Giorgio Quartet: AD2000 (2000); Fran ois Carrier Trio + One: Compassion (2000); Loescher Trio: Shadows (2001); Fran ois Carrier Trio with Uri Caine: All' Alba (2002); Various Artists: Centre Pieces I (1990), Songposts vol. 1 (1991), CMP Records Cmpler 2 (1992), Rant Compilation vol. 1 (1995), Here and Now, The Canda Council (1995), The Art of the guitar (1997), Justin Time for Christmas Two (1997), The Mick Karn Collector's edition (1997), Jazz Toronto (1998), The David Torn Collection (1998), The CMP story/ Breaking the Barriers of Rock (1998)
As a Guest Artist:
Hart Rouge: Inconditionnel (1991); ExLibris: ExLibris (1995); Circo Nick Buzz: Dark light (1996)

Radio broadcasts:
SRC Silence... on Jazz, Fran ois Carrier Trio with Bobo Stenson, Monument National, FIJM, Montr?al -2002
SRC Silence... on Jazz, Fran ois Carrier Trio with Jason Moran, Du Maurirer Theatre, Halifax - 2002
CBC Jazz Beat, Fran ois Richard Quartet -2002
CBC Jazz Beat, Harding, Lambert, Lozano, S?guin - 2002
SRC Silence...on Jazz, Fr?d?ric Alarie Trio, Mont?al - 2002
SRC Silence...on Jazz, Fr?d?ric Alarie Quartet -2002
SRC Silence...on Jazz, Fr?d?ric Alarie et la Chorale B?mole 9 - 2002
CBC Live from Winnipeg with Ross Porter, Dave Young Quintet -2001
CBC Jazz Beat, Jean Beaudet Trio -2001
SRC Silence... on Jazz, Trio Fran ois Carrier +1, Salles du G?su, Montr?al - 2001
SRC Silence... on Jazz, les Trois Michel, Donato, Lambert, Leviev, Domaine Forget, Qu?bec - 2000
CBC On Stage, Gary Burton with the Dave Young Trio, Toronto -2000
CBC Jazz Beat, Dwyer/ Lambert/ Young, Toronto - 2000
SRC, Cree et Chuchotements, Jean Beaudet Trio, Montr?al - 2000
CBC Jazz Beat, Donato, Lambert, Young, Montr?al - 1999
CBC Jazz Beat, les Trois Michel, Donato, Lambert, Leviev, Toronto - 1999
CBC Jazz Beat, Dwyer, Lambert, Young, Montr?al - 1999
SRC Silence...on Jazz, Fran ois Richard Quartet, Montr?al - 1999
UER Union Europ?enne des Radios, Fr?d?ric Alarie Trio, Radiokulturhaus, Vienna - 1998
Rencontres C.R.P.L.F, Fr?d?ric Alarie Trio, Festival de Radio France Montpellier - 1998
CBC Jazz Beat, Fr?d?ric Alarie Trio,  Montr?al - 1998
SRC Silence on Jazz, Schwager, Collins, Lambert Trio, Maison Maxime, Gatineau, Qu?bec - 1998
CJRT Sound of Toronto Jazz Series, Dave Young Quartet, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto - 1997
SRC Silence on Jazz Frontenac, Fr?d?ric Alarie Trio, Maison de la Culture Frontenac - 1997
SRC Jazz sur le vif, Trio Michel Lambert, Festival International du Domaine Forget, Qu?bec - 1995
CBC Jazz Beat, Jonnie Bakan Sextet, Montr?al - 1995
CBAF Windsor, Jazz sur le vif, Michel Lambert et ses Magiciens du Rythme, Windsor - 1994
SRC, Herbie Spanier Quintet, Ottawa -1994
CBC Two New Hours, Lonely Universe, "A la plage"", Toronto -1993
CJRT Sound of Toronto Jazz Series, Dave Young / Phil Dwyer Quartet, Ontario Science Centre - 1993
CBC Arts National, "Extraits du Journal des Episodes", Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, WSO New Music Festival - 1992
CBC Two New Hours,"Extraits du Journal des Episodes", Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - 1992
CJRT Sound of Toronto Jazz Series, Michel Lambert Quartet, Ontario Science Centre -1991
SRC Jazz sur le vif, Michel Ct?, Pierre Ct?, Michel Lambert, Hotel Clarendon, Qu?bec -1991
SRC Jazz sur le vif, Dave Young Trio, Montr?al -1990
CJRT Sound of Toronto Jazz Series, Perry White Quartet, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto -1990
CBC Festival of the Sound, Don Thompson Trio, Parry Sound, Ontario -1988
CJRT Sound of Toronto Jazz Series, Don Thompson Trio, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto - 1988
CBC In Transit, Dave Young Quartet, Sudbury, Ontario - 1987
CBC Jazz Beat, Kevin Dean Sextet, Pepe's, Halifax, N.E. - 1986
CBC Jazz Beat, Peter Appleyard Quartet,  Pepe's, Halifax, N.E. - 1986
SRC Jazz sur le vif, Michel Ct?, Pierre Ct?, Michel Lambert, Hotel Clarendon, Qu?bec -1985
SRC Jazz sur le vif, Quatuor Michel Lambert, Palais Montcalm, Qu?bec - 1985
SRC Jazz sur le vif, le Quintette de Maurice Bouchard, le Jazz?, Qu?bec - 1985
CKRL, Michel Ct?, Michel Lambert, Universit? Laval, Qu?bec - 1984
SRC Jazz sur le vif, Michel Lambert et l' ensemble de musique improvis?e  Scoup, Le Jazz?, Qu?bec - 1982

The Miller Companion to Jazz in Canada, Mark Miller, The Mercury Press, 2001
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Entretiens avec Omer L?tourneau, les Editions Quinze,C?cile Huot, 1979

Michel Lambert www.michellambert.com
Jeannette Lambert www. nette.ca
Jazz from Rant www. nette.ca/rantjazz
482 Music www.482music.com
Fran ois Carrier www.francoiscarrier.com
Lonely Universe mood portraits www.innerviews.org/inner/lonely.html

Fables and Dreams, with the Dave Young / Phil Dwyer Quartet on Justin time records won the 1993 Canadian JUNO Award while "Compassion" for the label Naxos with Fran ois Carrier trio won another Canadian JUNO Award, this time in 2001.

Contact information:

photo attached - mlambert.jpg, photo by Jeannette Lambert

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