Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Langguth, Tobias

Langguth, Tobias, guitarist, singer, composer; b. Karlsruhe, Germany, 10 March 1957. He's been active as a professional musician since 1979.

Since the 80's he has lead his own group, playing mostly original compositions in which jazz harmonies are based on Brazilian grooves. During that period two cds were released: November Samba (1991) and One Note Bossa (1995). In the meantime he was still active as a jazz/mainstream player in different bands, as is documented on the cd Shades of Duke by Joe Wulf/Bob Barnard.
In 1999 he more or less reduced his jazz activities concentrating more on Brazilian music and on vocal music. His CD Generation 99 (1999) features
singer Hans Limburg from Berlin. This album, besides some instrumental titles contains mostly vocal tunes, originals written by Langguth/Limburg and Standards of Tom Jobim, Beatles, Bill Withers a.o. The CD Alquimia do Tempo released in 2000 contains mostly originals by singer/guitarist Ignez Carvalho from Sao Paulo and Tobias Langguth.

In his current Trio Tobias works with Brazilian drummer Caudio Wilner and bassist Franco Petrocca from Italy blending Brazilian styles and some jazzy improvisations. He also works with Brazilian singer Viviane de Farias.
A very good summary of his recorded work, as well as contact/email can be
obtained on home.nexgo.de/volger/frame_d.htm

November Samba (1991), One Note Bossa (1995), Generation 99 (1999), Alquimia do Tempo (2000)
Sideperson: Shades of Duke (Joe Wulf/Bob Barnard)

Contact information:

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