Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Lavelle, Matt

Lavelle, Matt, trumpet, bass clarinet, composer; b. Paterson, NJ, 11 April 1970. He went to high school in Nyack, NY, where Bert Hughs, a legendary educator, introduced Lavelle to jazz, and took him on a big band tour of Russia! Matt's father, Gary Lavelle (b. 12/20/41) was born in Johnstown, PA. His mother, Theresa Beck (b. 10/3/43) was born in the Bronx, NY. He has one brother, Mike Lavell (b. 3/16/71), born in Patterson, NJ.

Lavelle came up under the guidance of Hildred Humphries, a mainstream sax man who played with Billie Holiday, Roy Eldridge, Count Basie, and others. He played with Hildred from 1990-1993. After playing trumpet for 15 years, Lavelle added the bass clarinet in 2000. Based in New York, he ran the Rainy Daze jam session for 2 years.

Lavelle is now based in the downtown scene, working with composition and free improvisation, playing with Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Mat Maneri, and many others. He's also a new member of William Parker's Little Huey Orchestra. He also leads several groups, including a quartet with Lewis Porter, Franssois Grillot, and Federico Ughi.

Handling the Moment; Daniel Carter and Matt Lavelle, 4 free duets.

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