Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Lehel, Peter

Lehel, Peter, composition, saxophone (tenor, soprano, alto), bass clainet, alto clarinet, clarinet, flute, piccolo; b. Karlsruhe, Germany, 13 September 1965. His father was born in Hungary which is definitely the reason for his love for Hungarian music (Bartck, Kod ly, eastern European folk music). His mother was born in Germany. He has one brother who is an amateur guitar player.

Lehel started with music as an 8-year old child playing the clarinet. He added the alto saxophone when he was 11 playing in typical brass and woodwind orchestras. He suddenly became sincerely involved with jazz when he got his first John Coltrane recording at the age of 15. This recording (an early version of the Eckstine ballad "I Want To Talk About You") had the most important impact on his musical development. Lehel changed to tenor saxophone and started to practice endlessly. He added the double bass and the piano when he was 17 years old but the tenor saxophone has become his major instrument.

After finishing school Lehel did his military services in an Air Force band in Germany 1985 as saxophonist. After that he started to study Laws in Tuebingen, Germany 1986-89. From 1988-96 he attended the music university in Stuttgart, Germany and the famous Ferenc Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary 1990 where he began seriously studying jazz and composition. From this time on he was involved more and more in professional music, concerts, worldwide touring, recordings, teaching. He's performed with artists like Dino Saluzzi, Don Rader, Barbara Dennerlein, Bernd Konrad, Radio Bigband from SWR Stuttgart, Germany, Radio Bigband Budapest etc.

Currently he is mostly doing his own projects and writing compositions for different occasions (for his own quartet, his project with chruch organ "Pipes and Phones", for string quartet and string orchestra, saxophone quartet etc.). As performer he is working for the Korean record label GOOD International and he is producing CDs for his own record label finetone. He's been a composer and performer with classical orchestras like Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Wuerttemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn, Budapest Chamber
Symphony, playing on several CDs as a guest musician. He's toured intensely through Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, China) since he is working for the Korean Record Label GOOD International. Also regularly tours the USA, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Caribean Islands, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Hungary.

He's taught at the music school in Ettlingen since 1991 and has done clinics all over Germany.

Lubber Blue: Lubber Blue (1994); Pipes and Phones (1996); The Windy City (1997); Heavy Rotation (1998); Suites (1999); Ballads (2000); Joy to the world (2000); Pipes & Phones: Missa (2001); Hungarian Rhapsody (2002); Songs (2003); Saltacello: On the way (1996), Live in Seoul (1999), Second Flush (1999), Salted (2000), Come Together (DVD) (2003); Herbert Joos: Standards (2001)
As sideperson:
Jugendjazzorchester: Lantom (1990); Erwin Lehn: 40 Jahre Jazz (1992); Paul Kuhn + SWR Bigband: Best of swing (1992); Hans Bogie Vierling: Blue blowing (1994); Magnitubel Podes: Play the hip hits (1996); Die Studenten: Plains and fields (1997); Thomas Katz: Rock and Barock (1998); Nicki: Zurck zu mir (1999); Friedemann: Passion and Pride (1999); Oscar Ferreira: Oscar canta Jobim (2000); Quique Sinesi/Daniel Messina: Prioridad a la emocicn (2001); Soul FC: Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 8 (2001); Best Of Jazz & Church Organ 2001 (2002); Peter Goetzmann: Jazz Hop Rhythm (2003)

Baden - Wrttemberg in 1997(one of the most valuable jazz awards in Germany), 2nd place in 1996
Prize of German CD Critics (September 2000 for CD Pipes & Phones: Suites)
1st prize at international competition Jazz and Church organ for the best group Pipes and Phones  (August 2001, Hannover Germany)

Contact information:
Peter Lehel
e-mail: peterlehel@t-online.de

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