Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Levine, Larry (Lawrence Stephen)

Levine, Larry (Lawrence Stephen), drums and percussion; b. Saratoga Springs, NY, 21 September 1950. His parents are Jack (deceased) and Iris (born c. 1925). His sister is Janis (born c. 1955.

Early music studies included being a member of Hurricanes Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps. Later music studies included David Hanlon, Joe Morello, Carmine Appice, Jaimoe Johnson, Ed Shaughnessy, J. C. Combs, and David Charles (1976-1984).

From his earliest days winning drum corps competition awards to his present position as an internationally profiled artist, Larry Levine has lent his talents to many national recording and performing projects. As a touring clinician and educator, Larry's musical experience, knowledge, and professionalism has spanned five decades. His endorsements and representations include Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals, Regal Tip Calato drum sticks, Aquarian accessories, HQ Percussion, Om Percussion, Latin Percussion and LT lug locks. He has taught numerous workshops as a visiting artist and his production company's acclaimed instructional drumming series, "DrumiStix" is utilized in a variety of educational venues, including conservatories abroad, and has been recommended and praised by top professionals.

Through his recording work, Larry Levine is an elected member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Upcoming projects include two books, The Best of DrumiStix, PSWs: Power System Warmups (for home, studio, and road); and the continuation of the acclaimed video series, "DrumiStix".

Splash: Rock to Rock (Single, 1986); Ron McLendon: You Can Do It (Single, 1987); Neal Allan: McHugh Too Many Nomads Single (1988) DramaScope Time, Space, Power CD (1995)- The Weasels CD (1998)- DramaScope'DramaScope'CD (1999) 'GLA'Jazz Trio CD (2000) The Jazz Caravan?; Featured Radio Broadcast and Interview (1995) "DrumiStix"
Cable Instructional Series Video (1995 to present)
Unissued Items: Co-designed Sabian cymbal (1986)- Founder and advisor of the Capital District Drum Club (1990 to present); Musical Coordinator for the Legends of Drumming Tribute, Video (1995)
Director of 'Bande'de Oxum percussion ensemble (1995 to present)
Signature drum stick issued (2001)

The Communicator Award--Video Media award (1999)
The Videographer Award-Video Media award (2000)

Profiled in: Buzz magazine (1985); Richard's Music Almanac (1990); Daily Gazette (1995); Percussion News (select issues 1995 to present); Benelux Music magazine (1999); and International Musician magazine April 2000)
Drum columnist for New York Rocks magazine (mid 80s)
Drum columnist for Rock & Read magazine (mid 80s to 2001)
Artist Profile: Regal Tip Institute Regal Tip   'Calato' Drum Stick web site (2000)

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