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Lindeborg, Susanna (Elsa)

Lindeborg, Susanna [Elsa], pianist, composer; b. Halmstad, Sweden, 18 April 1952. Her father was Carl Lindeborg born in Vimmerby, Sweden, January 23rd, 1908, died 1989. Her mother Elsa Lindeborg was born April 24th, 1909 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Susanna Lindeborg started playing the piano at the age of 5. She started with a classical training. After moving to Gothenburg she started her education on School of Music, Gothenburg University. There she came into contact with jazz and became a member of Mwendo Dawa from the start 1974. She became also the leader for this group together with Ove Johansson. Mwendo Dawa has been succesfully touring in 20 countries in Europe, North and South America performing at festivals like Montreux, Northsea and Montreal. The last few years she has been regularly visiting USA and Canada with Mwendo Dawa. Susanna also writes a lot of the repertoire for the group. She was also a member of the female jazz group Salamander.

From 1974-1994, she was teaching improvisation of piano and song at the School of Music, Gothenburg University. Started together with Ove Johansson the record label LJ Records 1989 presenting her own and other Scandinavian musicians music. She is now member of the board of the Swedish Jazz Academie.

Today you can also hear her in the Lindeborg/Johansson Duo and she also is performing solo doing a improvisational performance together with her computers doing electro acoustical backgrounds. Lately she has been touring also with live electronics in Natural Artefacts with performances in the elctro acoustic music world.

Mwendo Dawa: Basic Lines (1978), Live at Montreux Jazzfestival (1979), Mwendo Dawa 80 (1980), Free Lines (1981), New York Lines (1982), Four Voices (1983), Street Lines (1983), Live at Northsea (1984), City Beat (1985), Dimensions (1986), Human Walk (1987), Live is here again (1991), The New Scene (1993), Enter the Outloop (1995), Breathing Clusters (1998), Live in Goteborg (2001), Time Sign (2003); Susanna Lindeborg Solo (1989); Lindeborg/Johansson Duo: Bright Openings (1992), Structures (1999), Natural Artefacts (2001); Key Paintings (2001);
As sideperson:
Salamander: Live at Northsea Jazzfestival (1981), In the darkest Month (1983)
Radio broadcasts:
SR/Sweden, NRK/Norway, DRK/Denmark, Radio France, Hilversum/Netherlands,
Radio Berlin/DDR (forgot the name), WDR/Germany, Radio Bremen/Germany,
Radio in Poland, former Chechoslovakia, former Yugoslavia, radio in Montreal Canada, radio in Buenos Aires Argentina, NDR/Germany,
Deutschlandfunk/Germany, HessischerRundfunk/Germany, MusicChoice/UK. Also, a lot of interviews all over in different local and national radios
Television broadcasts:
SVT/Sweden, NDR/Germany, Belgium TV from Antwerpen, former Yugoslavia,
former Chechoslovakia, former Soviet - Leningrad, TV/DDR (forgot the name),
Lithuania TV, Switzerland TV, France TV, TV in Montreal Canada, TV in Buenos Aires Argentina, WDR/Germany, Berlin West TV/Germany.
A TV film was made of Mwendo Dawa 1997-1998 in Sweden. Both documentary and live. None of this is issued.

Interviews in Om Jazz, Sweden. Granslost, Sweden. Jazz Hot, France, MusicChoice, UK.

Contact information:
Susanna Lindeborg                 
phone +46 35 51139
Fax: +46 35 51439.
LJ Records 
Box 9
SE-310 42 Haverdal              

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