Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Lindenmaier, H. (Heinrich) Lukas

Lindenmaier, H. (Heinrich) Lukas, drummer, percussionist, author, photographer; b. Basel, Switzerland, 5 March 1946.

He studied at Kunstakademie Munchen (Germany), MA (1972) for fine arts/theatre design. He was assistant photographer at Will McBride Studios Munchen. Eventually, he worked as a freelance photographer/designer for theatres, magazines, agencies etc. in Germany.

He's an autodidact drummer/percussionist; workshop instructions from Doug Hammond, Max Roach, Joern Schipper and others. He did ensemble workshops with John Tchicai, James Newton and John Carter.

Since 1978, he lives in Freiburg (Germany), working for theatres, museums, musical projects, publications, etc. He's played with Eric Dolphy Memorial Band (1984), John Tchicai Ensemble (1986), kxutrio (from 1986 on, incl. Harald Kimmig, Uwe Martin, Georg Wolf, with Karen Borca 1989, with Maggie Nichols, Irene Schweizer 1994), Cecil Taylor Ensemble (1988,1990, 1992), Markus Stauss Trio (incl. Markus Stauss, Jean Chaine, 1993), Die Pilzfreunde (from 1994 on, incl. Christine Engel, Frank Ruhl, with Hartmut Geerken 2000). He's performed with many improvising musicians, actors, dancers, in festivals and concerts in Germany, Switzerland, France, Benelux; with "Klangkorper" at Swiss pavillon Expo-2000 Hannover.

Since 1987 co-leading (with Harald Kimmig) the large ensemble "F-Orkestra", performing with Buddy Collette, Klaus Konig, Peter Kowald, Thomas Stanko, Steve Lacy, John Tchicai, etc. From 1995 on, he's also been performing on self-made instruments, reconstructions of Harry Partch percussions, modified Theremins, etc.

He's written compositions for soloists, small to large ensembles; theatre music for Euripides' Orestes (1989).

Kxutrio: riff-ifi (1988); Cecil Taylor Ensemble: Legba Crossing (1988); Markus Stauss and Jean Chaine: Open (1993); Xopf-Pool: Pool (1994); Die Pilzfreunde: Excursion (1998)
Unissued Recordings:
Various performances 1987-2002 on tapes and videotapes.
Weg ins Freie (film about kxutrio, Michael Adams Prod., 1994/95); Jazz Swissmade (Beat Rauch DRS-tv Prod., 1995).
Radio broadcasts: Luise/Querstand (radio-play for Austrian radio O1, with Grete Wehmeyer, 1987); concert broadcasts with kxutrio, F-Orkestra, Die Pilzfreunde for SWF/SWR. 1989-2002: own weekly radio show "Jazz-News" for RadioDreyeckland-102.3, Freiburg.

25 Years of Fish Horn Recording - The Steve Lacy Discography, ed. JazzRealities, Freiburg, 1982;
The Man Who Never Sleeps - The Charles Mingus Discography, ed. JazzRealities, Freiburg, 1983;
The Billie Holiday Discography - in: Clarke, Donald - Wishing on the Moon, (German) ed. Piper, Munchen, 1994;
The John Carter Discography (private publication, 1998);
Contributor to The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (1988);
articles, interviews, photography, reviews etc. for magazines a.o. downBeat (USA), Cadence (USA), Jazz (Switzerland), JazzPodium (Germany)

Contact information:
or: forum improvisierte musik, Wilhelmst.32, D-79098-Freiburg (Germany)

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