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Lotz, Mark (Alban)

Lotz, Mark (Alban), flutist, piccolo, C flute, alto flute, bass flute, PVC contra bass flute, Indian bamboo flutes, flotophon, prepared flute; b. Tubingen, Germany 12 June 1963. Mark grew up in Thailand, Uganda and Germany.

He started playing the flute at seventeen and ended up studying both jazz and classical/ contemporary music at the Amsterdam 'School of Arts' under Ferdinand Povel and Jos Zwaanenburg. In 1997/1998 Mark studied in the U.S. with Hubert Laws, Buddy Colette, Dave Valentin, Lew Tabakin, Art Webb, Ellery Eskelin, Steve Kujala, Mahanda Ken McIntyre, Bobby Watson, Pedro Eustache and James Newton. Mark is finalist of the 1989 Karlovy Vary Jazz Competition and price winner of the 1990/1992 Middelsee Jazz Festival Competition.

Mark's professional activities include producing, composing, teaching and performing in musical settings ranging from solo concerts to big ensembles in jazz and world music settings. With his interpretations of Afro Cuban religious folklore Mark gained international attention. He is part of the "Music: World Series" concert/festival organization. Through the years Mark has worked with musicians from all over the globe, literally from A(rmenia) to Z(ambia).

More known musicians/ensembles include a.o. Sfeq 3000, Najma Akthar, Eddy Martinez, Molla Sylla, Michael Vatcher, Martha Gallarraga, Sandip Battacharya,Tony Overwater, Alexei Levin, Dre Pallemaerts, Lucumi, members of the Clave y Guaguanco, Joe Santiago, Droeh  Nankoe, Michiel Borstlap, Harry Sparnay, Alberto "Molote" Munoz, Dick de Graaf, Theo Lovendie, Gijs Hendricks, Marc van Roon, Nicky Marrero, Frankie Rodriguez, Wolter Wiebos.

T(w)o-Do: mostly harmless...! (1994); Lotz Of Music: Puasong Daffriek (1994); Michael Baird:  On Remote Patrol' (1997); Lotz Of Music: Le Coq Rouge (1997); Lotz Of Music In Havana: Blues For Yemaya (1998); Blue Moods (1999); Lotz Of Music: Pum'kin Diaries (2003); Mark Lotz and Shango's Dance: Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes (2004)
As sideperson:
Utrecht Deep Artment:  Sirenians (1998); Leticia: Je Bent Niet Hip/No Tienes Swing (1998); Azucaraba: Caminos Par Andar (1998); Lis Hartong: A Distant Place (2000); Zuco 103: tales of high fever (2002); Global Village Orchestra: Globalistic (2003); Estrella Acosta: Alma Guajira (2003)
Radio broadcasts:
VPRO, VARA, NOS, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Radio Bremen, AVRO, Conzertzender NCRV
Television broadcasts:
Schooltelevision NOT (Vogel/Lotz duo " Two-Do "), WDR (Interview, solo),  Veronica (Vogel/Lotz duo " Two-Do "), Nederland 2, Nederland 1, OHM (Mantrafusion with Droeh Nankoe), Stadsomroep Utrecht, (Descarga with Alberto 'Molote' Munoz)

1963 - '66; Berlin, Germany
1966 - '69; Bangkok, Thailand
1969 - '72; Primary school Kampala, Uganda
1972 - '83; High School 'Konrad Adenauer Gymnasium' Bonn, Germany
1983 - '84; Social service at the "Godeshohe rehabilitation center for the disabled", Bonn

1980 - '84; Private studies (flute) under Michael Heupel, Bonn
1984 - '86; Studied Ethnology and Musicology at Berlin University
1986 - '91; Studied flute and jazz at the Hilversum Conservatory under Ferdinand Povel
1989 - '93; Second study of classical music at the "Amsterdam School Of Arts" under Jos Zwaanenburg
1986 - now; Prospective private tuition and workshops with James Newton, Dave Liebman, Hubert Laws, Jerry Gonzales, Miroslav Vitous, Daan Admiraal, Dolf Grunwald
1997-'98; Private tuition with James Newton, Lew Tabakin, Ken McIntyre, Hubert Laws, Buddy Colette, Steve Kujala, Dave Valentin, Ellery Eskelin and Bobby Watson, in New York and California, sponsored by "Prins Bernhard Fonds" and "Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten"

Artistic and other professional activities:
1984 - now; Coincidental formations (classical-, jazz-, salsa- and improvised music)
1988 - '91; Leader of the 'Albanism Quartet'
1989; Finalist with the "Albanism Quartet" at the Jazz Contest in Karlovy Vary, Slovakia
1990; Encouragement price of the Middelsee Jazzfestival Competition
1990; Gijs Hendriks' 'Construction Company'
1991 - now; " T(w)o-Do ", with bassist Tjitze Vogel
1991 - now; Leader of ' Lotz Of Music '
1992; " Lotz Of Music " wins the second price at the Middelsee Jazzfestival Contest with special credits
1992; Featured solist with 'Bons'. A composition by Theo Loevendie for a classical  chamber ensemble of 11 instrumentalist and one jazz soloist
1993 - now; Leader of the ' The New Mark Lotz Standard Quartet '
1993; Organisor and co-founder of the first "Utrechts Jazz Treffen" Festival
1994; Critic for the magazin 'Muziek en Onderwijs'
1994; Duo with drummer and percussionist Michael Baird
1995; Realisation of the project ' noisiVision '. A multimedia performance in cooperation with the duo' T(w)o-Do ' and artist Elseline van der Graaf and her sculptures.
1995; With drummer Michael Baird recordings for the 'Pavilloen - project - De wereld barst van de idealen' by artist Marijke Nielen from Utrecht.
1995; Lotz Of Music recorded the soundtrack for the Rolf Orthel documentary "Antartica - A Ticket To Eternity"
1996; Bass flutist in the "BassQuartet" of bassist/composer Tony Overwater
1996-1997; "Utrecht Deep artment" - an octet playing contemporary music
1996 - now; "Shangos Dance" a tentet performing a fusion of Afro Cuban religious folklore with Lotz Of Music.
1997; with bassist Tijtze Vogel recordings for the TV animation picture "Klinkende Verhaalen" by Metropolis Films
1997; Solo concerts within exhibitions of artist Marijke Nielen
1998 - 2001; performing as sideman in Jorge Martinez Galan 'La Sonora de Galan', Estrella Acosta Band, Rumbanana, Lis Harting Sextet
2000; TiffnoiZe - "Silent Moves & Violent Grooves" a project with video and improvised music by VJ Gido, soundfreak Allan Laurillard and percussionist Michael Baird
2000; World music concerts with a.o. danser John Kayongo (Kenia) and Tabla virtuoso Sandip Battacharya
2000; 12'tet "Beat Sharks" of Allan Laurillard (a fusion of Sun Ra with Break Beats!)
2000; " Estrellas Acosta's Guaijra " - Cuban Country Songs (All Cuban Cast with one exception :-) )
2000 Co-programmer of the "Music: World Series" Concert & Festival Organisation
2001; "Seafood" by Alan Laurillard  (sharp high virtuoso improvisations on Break and Jungle Beats)
2001 "Estrella Acosta's Guaijrra" -  Cuban Country Songs in an All Cuban Band with one exception
2002 "Zuiderzee Orcestra" - interactive freestyle Big band
2002 Raj Mohan's "Vistar" - crossover of North Indian classical music and jazz
2002 - now; the start of a collaboration with old style House producer/composer/DJ Eric Cycle. Resulting first in the act "Shiva's Lounge" which evolved into "Afro Lounge - New YoRUba Beat"
2002 Global Village Orchestra - a ten piece world music fusion  ensemble feat. a.o. Mola Syla, Behsat Uvez, Kamil Abbas and Alan  Purves.
2003 "Page One" - live dance act by Producer Duo Ivo & Maarten Meijer
2003 Raj Mohan's "Shairana" - a literair programme around North Indian classical music and jazz
2004 "Three basses and a flute" - a collaboration of the bassplayers Meinrad Kneer, Tony Overwater and Jos Machtel with a flautist
2003 Flutes n' Brass - The Guus Tangelder Big Band fronted by four Flutists
2004 Najma Akthar versus Vistar - crossover of Asian Underground with India jazz fusion
2004 Lotz Of Music & Pendant La Nuit - Lotz Of Music performing as a Finish Jazzband in the theater play Pendant La Nuit by Erik de Vroedt

Composition assignements:
1997; Assignment for two compositions to be performed by the Utrecht Jazz Pool 1998
2000; Assignement for six compositions by the Dutch "Fonds voor de scheppende Toonkunst"
2000; Assignement by the "Zapp String Quartet" for a composition for String Quartet and voice
2001; Assignement by the "Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst" for a composition for String Quartet
2002; Assignement for a composition by the "Travellin' Light" Piano Trio
2003; Assignement for a composition by Stichting Multiplex for the project: "Magic: Stories in music", together with  actor Nel Lekatompessy and The Global Village Orchestra .
2004; Assignement by the "Theater de Lantaren" for their 2004 theatre production "Pendant La Nuit".

Musicpedagogic activities:
1984 - now; Teacher for flute, improvisation and theory
1991 - now; Teacher for flute, jazz and ensembles at "Academy of Music" Alphen a/d Rijn
1993 - '94; Teacher for flute and advanced training for the teachers in Enschede
1994 - now; Workshop leader for "Cultureel Centrum Panassos" in Utrecht, "Nederlands Fluitgenootschaap" and at various schools of music in the Netherlands
1994 - '95; Member of the education group in the "Jazz in Utrecht" foundation
1996; Lecturer in "History of jazz" at the University, Alphen a/d Rijn and the "Culturele Circel Amstelveen" foundation
1995 - '96; Teacher for flute and jazz ensemble at "Academy of Music" Amstelveen

Contact information:
Mark Alban Lotz
Burg. Patijnlaan 50
3705 CG Zeist
The Netherlands
phone: +31 (0)30 69 242 85
fax: +31 (0)30 69 933 20
Or send e-mail to info@lotzofmusic.com

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