Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Luley, Jan

Luley, Jan, keyboard, voc, composper; b. Bad Hersfeld, Germany, 9 June 1971.

His family has a long music tradition. The first time he was on stage was when he was twelve years old, playing Ragtime. At the age of 15 he made his first pianistic steps in his father's (Roland Luley 1939) New Orleans and Dixieland jazz band, "The Hot Swing Company." Fascinated from the intensity and briskness of blues and early jazz he quit his classical piano lessons after seven years. He turned totally towards this great music. Supported by his father's extensive record collection he took "lessons" from the old piano giants.

After several years of autodidactic work, Luley started to study jazz in Arnhem/Netherlands with Rob van den Broeck as his piano teacher (Hogeschool voor de kunsten, 1992-97). Although this study contained mainly modern jazz styles he never forgot the "roots". He was engaged in the music of Chicago blues and boogie-woogie as played by Pine Top Smith, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis as well as in New Orleans piano styles.

Luley has performed in a variety of styles with international well-known artists such as Angela Brown, Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners, Big Jay McNeely, Leroy Jones, Herb Hardesty, Clifford Solomon, Davell Crawford, Janice Harrington, Randy Sandke, Little Willie Littlefield, Louisiana Red, Albie Donnelly, John Boutte, Lady Linda jr., Barbara Ann Shorts, Joe Muranyi, Rod Mason, Joan Faulkner, Wendell Brunious, John Allred and many more. In almost all European countries Jan Luley played solo or with different bands and projects at festivals, in innumerable clubs, as well as on radio and TV.

Since December 1999 Jan Luley is member of the famous Barrelhouse Jazzband (founded in 1953) from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. In 2002 he also formed an own quartet called Funk-Or-Leans with Roman
Klocker (git), Manuel Steinhoff (b) and Dave Mette (dr).

Louisiana Cafe (1997)
As sideperson:
Hot Swing Company: Waldhessendixie (1995); Rosetta (1998); Jan Harrington and friends: I Feel The Spirit (1998); Barrelhouse Jazzband with Rod Mason: 100 Years Louis Armstrong (2000); Barrelhouse Jazzband: New Orleans Joys (2001), Barrelhouse NOW! (2003)

Contact information:
Jan Luley, Guelchackerstr. 3, D-35232 Dautphetal
phone: + 49 -172 - 2812060
Email: luley@luleymusic.com
Birgit Schott + Jan Luley
Gulchackerstr. 3
35232 Dautphetal
Tel + Fax: +49-(0)6466-911 911
mobil: +49-(0)172-2812060

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