Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mackintosh, Lils (Margaret)

Mackintosh, Lils (Margaret), singer, writer, actress, mother; b. Amsterdam, 11 June 1955. Her father Max Woiski Jr. is a singer and guitarist. Her stepmother is JoJo Prey. Her birth mother is Babs Steur, a singer. Lils has a brother (Max) and a sister (Paula). At a very young age (14) Lils left her parents house and moved in with her boyfriend Erwin Romer. They married when she was 17 years and she gave him two sons: Jair (July 7, 1974) Sergio (July 19, 1976). She remarried two times, later on.

In the years between 1972 and 1989 Lils acted in several Dutch musical productions, like "Hair" (1972), "Hard rose, Knal blauw" (1983), "Ik, Jan Cremer" (1984), and "Barnum" (1989). In numerous television commercials Lils acts as voice-over, lead singer and/or main actor. Many people remember e.g. her role in the television commercial for A.S.B. The agency that produced the advertisement won the second prize at the Cannes festival for television commercials (1989). Lils also sings the theme track of the documentary "City Cabs". In 1990 Lils won a prize at the Dutch Jazz Concourse in Breda. She has been performing as a Jazz and Blues singer since at many festivals both in Holland and internationally such as the The Bratislava Jazz Festival (1994), Estonia Tallinn International Jazzkarr
(1994), New Orleans (1994), Silkeborg Denmark (1996), Tuno Jazz Festival Denmark (1997), and North Sea Jazz Festival (The Hague) (1993, 1994, 1996, 2000). Alongside performing with her own musicians Lils regularly performs with colleagues like Oscar Peterson, B.B King, Rita Reys, The Rosenberg Trio,Scott Hamilton, Cor Bakker, Madeline Bell, Hans Dulfer, Candy Dulfer, Louis van Dijk, Cris Monen, The Beets Brothers, Georgie Fame and Linda Hopkins. In 1997 Lils celebrated her 25th anniversary as a performing artist. Her regular accompanying band was "The Teachers." During 1997 - 1999 Lils toured with The Rosenberg Trio, The Stylus Horns and The Beets Brothers under the name "The Jazznight". On February 3rd 2002, Lils celebrated 30 years of performing with a concert at Cristofori in Amsterdam with Peter Milhelick on piano, Renee van Beek on bass, Ben Schroder on Drums and Pieter Engels on Saxophone.

My Funny Valentine (1977); It's Not Perfect To Be Easy (1993); This Is The Strangest Life I've Ever Known (1994); Seasons (1997); Black Girl (1999); In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (2002)

The Beets Brothers Live (DVD, 2003)

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