Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mair, Albert O. (Oliver)

Mair, Albert O. (Oliver), pianist, vocalist, composer, producer, educator, rhodes, clavinet, moog, organ, digital synthesizer and recorder lead and background vocals; b. 1974.

He was born into a musical family. In 1980, he had classical piano training at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. In 1993, he got his high school diploma, and did studies in instrumental and vocal pedagogy at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where his major was keyboard instruments in popular music In 2000, he got his degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Outstanding Achievement. His diploma thesis was The Typical Characteristics of Jazzrock based on Selective Analysis, a 2001 work on a dissertation based on the theme Vocal Arrangement in Afro-American Popular Music. He did interview with George Duke for this. He received achievement grants 1996 and 2001. He's a teacher under contract in the county music school in St. Polten.
In 1980, he made his first appearances with local jazz musicians playing interpretations of American standards on the recorder. In 1982, he wrote his first compositions and began an interest in Afro-American popular music. In 1984, he became the youngest AKM (Authors, Composers, Musicians) royalties recipient, was featured in media reports, and did television appearance in NDR (North German Broadcasting Station). In 1987, he formed a pop-duo with Richard Halbemmer (dr), and had successful participation in talent contests (piano and vocal). In 1989, he founded the Jazzrock formation "The Funkmothers", made numerous appearances in radio & television and  had successful competitions. In 1992, he founded the R&B/Rap band "Touch of Fame" with the vocalists B. Nice Canayo and Magda Dobias. In 1993, he did studio projects with Rozaa Wortham and B. Nice Canayo. In 1994, he started a partnership with the musician and performance artist, Alexandra Regenfelder, numerous mutual projects theater productions with Topsy Kuppers and Sandra Kreisler (Freie Buhne Wieden), was a member of the Alpine-rock group "Rauhnacht", did an LP production with Robert Ponger for BMG, wrote compositions for 1010 City Beat, and made live appearances with the Soul and Gospel singers Dorretta Carter, Stella Jones, Christine Jones and Carole Alston.
In 1997, he founded the Gala show band "Route Good Mood" and the Salon music formation "Duo Giocando." In 1999, he did military duty in the Documentary Archives of the Austrian Resistance. In 2000, he won 1st prize R&B/Rap/Soul at the international songwriter's competition "Song Expo 2000" in the Netherlands for the songs"Life for Love" and "Not Sure - Love is a wonder." In 2001, he founded the multimedia-avantgarde live project "Primary Rocks" with Lorenz Raab, Alexandra Regenfelder and Bernd Thurner. He had concerts broadcast for "jazz.kunst.live." He expanded the Salon music cast with the violinist and bassist Harald Regenfelder: Trio Giocando.

The Funkmothers (1998); Primary Rocks, (2000); Maalo (2000)
As producer and/or sideperson:
Rauhnacht: Alpera/Gipfelsturm (1992), Leibhaftig (1994); Patricia Cooper: Stop! Please Listen (1992); Rozaa Wortham: Noting Ever Change (1993); 1010 city beat III - R.O.N.I.: Enticingly Yours (1994); Stella Jones: Thunder (1995); Rafael Neira: Groovy Moves (1999), Coloured Chairs (2000); Stefan Wessel: Heaven on Their Minds (2001); J.A.Q.: At Last/Work Song (1997), 2 sing 4 swing (2002); Richard Anstey: Wiener Blues (2002); Carole Alston: Come On, Children, Let's Sing, This Little Light Of Mine, Gospels and Spirituals (2003);

Contact information:
tel/fax  +43/1/318 59 28

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