Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Malinverni, Pete (Peter Gaetano)

Malinverni, Pete (Peter Gaetano), piano; b. Niagara Falls, NY, 16 April 1957.

Since coming to New York City in 1981, Pete has established himself as a highly respected presence in local and national club and concert performances, as well as abroad in Europe, South America, and Japan. He has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Meet the Composer Foundation.  His trio will be featured in a concert for Chamber Music America at New York's Symphony Space in early 2003.  Not only have his vehicles for jazz improvisation been described by Gary Giddins in the Village Voice as "knotty and original," but musicians and public alike agree with McElfresh in Jazz Now that Malinverni's ballad "This Time", the title track of his third recording as leader, is "truly the stuff standards are made of."  Since 1993 Pete has served as church musician at the Devoe Street Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, exposing him to the music of the African-American church, and "Make a Joyful No ise", "Oh, My Soul" and "It Is He", his suites for vocal choir and jazz quartet based on the Psalms of David, demonstrate his abilities as a composer on a grander scale.

Malinverni began classical piano studies with Laura Copia at the tender age of seven, earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from the prestigious Crane School of Music in upstate New York, and took his Master of Music degree from the Purchase (New York) Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano and composition with the famed Anthony Newman.  He has remembered well the learning process and is a teacher much in demand, serving as Professor on the Jazz faculties of New York University, William Paterson University, and the Purchase Conservatory.  He has also taught Jazz Appreciation to non-music majors at NYU, and Classical Ear Training at Purchase.  In 1999 he was honored with NYU's Marc Crawford Jazz Educator Award, and he has successfully presented seminars and master classes in the U. S. and abroad.  In recent years he has begun to explore his talents as a writer on music, writing liner notes and contributing to periodicals such as The Piano Stylist and The Record Review.  On several occasions his letters have been published in Jazz Times and Downbeat. Paul de Barros of Down Beat said, "Pete Malinverni doesn't seem capable of playing a dishonest line", and it is this unaffected, pure approach to music of real depth which draws audiences and students alike to Malinverni's appearances.

While Pete didn't necessarily come from a professional musical family--his sister, April Malinverni (now Pezzolla), born April 18, 1953, took piano lessons along with Pete in childhood and has continued to play privately, his father, Peter S. Malinverni, born Niagara Falls NY October 1, 1931, worked as a pipefitter and steamfitter in that town's busy industrial economy and his mother, Susie C. Malinverni, born Niagara Falls, NY November 15, 1932, was a housewife who was also a soloist in the church choir--he has made one for himself as an adult, marrying singer Jody Sandhaus.  Together they have one son currently studying piano and drums, Peter Luca Malinverni, born December 18, 1995.  Joining them in their home are Jody's children and Pete's stepchildren, Hayes Firestein, born May 5, 1983, and Guss Firestein, currently studying bass, born February 23, 1989.

Don't Be Shy (1987); The Spirit (1989); This Time (1996); A Very Good Year (1998); Of One Mind (2000); Autumn in New York (2002); selected cut "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" from "Of One Mind" on "Jazz Bar 2001"; various live recordings made 1985-2000 in lofts, at clubs such as Bradley's the Blue Note, The Jazz Gallery, etc., with Joe Lovano, Ralph Lalama, Vernel Fournier, Robert Hurst, Mel Lewis, Peter Washington, Leroy Williams, Pat O'Leary, Scott Lee, Billy Drewes and others
As sideperson:
Jody Sandhaus: Winter Moon (1997), I Think of You (2001); Bryan Anthony: Look at Me Now; Velotti/Battisti Jazz Ensemble (1998); Django Reinhardt NY Festival: Live at Birdland (2000)

Bibliography (Liner Notes):
Jody Sandhaus: Winter Moon 1997
Richie Vitale: Shake It! 1999
Pete Malinverni Trio: Of One Mind 2000
Roni Ben-Hur: Anna's Dance 2001
Jody Sandhaus: I Think of You 2001
Dino Losito: Like That 2002
Pete Malinverni: Autumn in New York 2002
Charles Davis: Blue Gardenia 2002

Contact information:
Pete Malinverni
241 Avenue of the Americas, #1-C
New York City, NY 10014 USA
(212) 206-8634

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