Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Marbach, Bob (Robert August Marbach Jr.)

Marbach, Bob [Robert August Marbach Jr.], pianist; b. San Diego, CA, 11 December 1950. He was raised in Denver, CO. His parents (Robert Sr.-b 1926 and Jean Elizabeth-b 1929) had twins, his sister Rebecca Ann and himself and triplets, Jean Ann, Jane Ann and James Ernest, all born Feb 21, 1956.

He began studying classical piano at the age of 8, and continued through high school. I entered Metropolitan State College in Denver in 1969 as a piano performance major, studying with Dr. Janet Tupper and Susan Cable and Francisco Aybar. While in college, I met musicians who turned me towards jazz. (I was particularly influenced by Bill Evans). My early years in Denver included playing with Bill Frisell, Bob Gillis and Akbar De Priest. I played a week long engagement with Blue Mitchell, and another week long engagement with Jimmy Witherspoon, while playing in Akbar's group. I studied jazz improvisation for 2 years with Dale Bruning, (who also taught Bill Frisell and Bob Gillis). I also played in the Metro State jazz band for several years while a student there. I spent a couple of years on the road with a show band. I received my BA in piano performance in 1977 from Metro. I moved to Memphis TN in 1979-80 and attended the University of Memphis on an assistantship, serving as a graduate assistant to Gene Rush in the Jazz studies program. I continued my classical studies though and received my MA in piano performance in 1982. Studied with Daniel Fletcher and Joan Gilbert. While in Memphis, I met James Williams, Donald Brown, and Mulgrew Miller, just as they were leaving town to move to New York. I played extensively with Bill Mobley and became a close friend to Phineas Newborn Jr. I played piano in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel for many years. While in Memphis (1980-1997) I performed with Smokey Robinson and the Moody Blues. I played jazz and R and B gigs with every one in the city. I continued my classical study and performed works as soloist with the Memphis Symphony, the Memphis Civic Orchestra and the University Orchestra as well as many classical recitals. I moved to New York City in 1997 and live here now. I am currently employed as a dance accompanist at NYU, Alvin Ailey School, among other. I also teach piano. I have performed with many musicians here including Bill Mobley, Mike Pope, Pete Yellin, Tony Reedus among many others. I have a trio which has performed at many NYC clubs including the 55 Bar, the Metronome Cleopatra's Needle and the Iridium. I also play many club date gigs and frequent sessions in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Alex Chilton: A Man Called Destruction (1995); Joseph Moore: Never Never Land (1996), Soul Cloud (2000)

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