Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Marcelli, Andrea

Marcelli, Andrea, drummer, clarinet, synthesizer, composer, producer; b. Roma, Italy, 22 January 1962. Became a naturalized US citizen in 2000.

His early success as featured drummer for TV programs for RAI (from 1981) provided him with the professional footing needed to explore his passion for Jazz in America where he moved in 1989. He studied at the Music Conservatory L.Refice where he graduated in 1986, in Clarinet & Jazz Composition. From 1981-90, he was a featured Orchestra and Band drummer for TV programs for RAI television and scored original music for Panda Film & WWF. Attended drums clinics with Peter Erskine and Tommy Campbell. Since 1987, he has composed and produced seven CDs for pro-audio production music for film, Tv, radio and advertising for Primrose Music London/Rome. From 1989, he's recorded and/or performed with Wayne Shorter, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Stern, Bob Berg, Don Menza, David Liebman, Rick Margitza, Mitch Forman, John Patitucci,  Bob Sheppard,  Ralph Towner, Eddie Gomez, Andy Summers, Alphonso Johnson, George Garzone, Steve La Spina, Jeff Andrews, Marc Johnson, Cameron Brown, Frank Gambale,  Bob Mintzer,   John Beasley, Bennie Maupin, Alan Pasqua, and Harvie Swartz. In 1989-90, he composed and produced his CD Silent Will, named 8th on the Best Jazz CD of'91 for Tower Records' Pulse, Top 20 Jazz new releases'90 for Ad Lib Magazine (Japan), and Guitar World Critics' Choice, Best New Release(4/1992). In 1991, he contributed to the soundtrack of the motion picture for Columbia Mississippi Masala, as drummer and synth programmer with L. Subramaniam and Andy Summers (Police). From 1992-95, he composed and produced his CD Oneness. From 1994-97, he produced and performed on two Chema Vilchez (Radio 1 Spain best jazz CD 1995) and composed the soundtrack for CD-ROM interactive ETRUSCHI for Sysin. From 1995-98, his composition "Carambola" was the opening and ending Theme at Radio 1 RAI on "Sabato Uno" and "Tam Tam Lavoro". He also composed music for the Used Recycling Campaign for the L.A. County. In 1997, the composition "Amar na Areia" was included in the CD "The Zone. In 1998, he performed with with David Liebman, Don Menza, and Jeff Andrews. "Clouds" was included in the CD "Blue Moves." He also composed music for the Storm Water Campaign for L.A. County and recorded a project not released with George Garzone, Fabrizio Sotti, and Steve La Spina. In 1999-00, he performed with Rick Margitza, Bob Sheppard, Bob Mintzer, Cameron Brown, Harvie Swartz and others. He also composed the sound track for the documentary on the Hermitage Collection exhibition at the Quirinale in Roma. He also recorded Ola Forsell's CD with Billy Drews and Ed Schuller. 2001-02 found him collaborating with the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium of Copenhagen and Bjarne Roupe`/Fabrizio Mandolini qrt and Bo Stief/ Paolo Russo trio. In 2000, he recorded Russo/Mandolini/Hovman/Marcelli "four trees" CD. In 2001, he recorded Fabrizio Mandolini Trespass CD and in 2002, he recorded Paolo Russo's Alchemy CD. He also produced pianist Marco Carilli debut CD, featuring Eddie Gomez, Bob Mintzer and David Friedman, released 2002. From 2001 residency in Berlin, performances in Berlin at the Berlinale, Hebbel Theater, Deutsches Theater, Schauspielhaus, Celimontana Jazz in Rome and other concerts in Germany,France and Italy. He recorded Carlo Morena CD with Bob Mintzer and Aril Andersen. He made a tour of England featuring Phil Lee and Mark Bassey. He made a collaboration with the X Filme for the Wolfgang Becker film "Good Bye Lenin". He also made a Scandinavian Tour with Aviaja Lumholt and Bjarne Roupe`. He received 2nd places (Jury and Publikums) at the Berlin Jazz and Blues Award 2002 with Valentin Gregor/Ekkehard Volk quartet. His CD recorded with Valentin Gregor quartet is not released yet He toured Denmark with Alchemy trio and he toured South Italy with Giacomo Aula, Niels Wulker, Piero Leveratto

Contact information:
In Berlin: home (49-30)695-82935 cell: (49)172-4410371
Iin New York: (212)358-3434

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