Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Marks, Evan

Marks, Evan, guitar; b. Cleveland, OH, 30 November 1960.

His mother sang in temple, but the family was not particularly musical. Luckily for the future guitarist, he received full parental support when he decided to pick up the instrument and strum n' twang about. By the 10th grade, young Evan was playing in a variety of rock bands, playing out of the basement whenever possible. Marks soon found that for him, three-chord progressions would never be the end-all-be-all, so he joined his high school jazz orchestra in his senior year. After graduation, his mom stepped in again and strongly recommended that he attend the University of Cincinnati's prestigious Conservatory of Music. Evan Marks's growing reputation as a prolific composer as well as a fluidly funky axeman got him a job with the SoCal electro-jazzers Fattburger. Although a hired gun, it was Evan's tune "Just Got Lucky" (from the cd ON A ROLL) that gave Fattburger its first major smash hit. Still, with this windfall, the members of Fattburger declined to make Marks a bona fide part of the ensemble, so he started his own band. His first recording reflects the influences and inspirations that Evan has absorbed throughout his musical life, including Wes, Miles, Coltrane, Robert Johnson, all the King Boys (B.B., Albert, Freddie), Snoop, Dr. Dre.

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