Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Maroney, Denman (Fowler)

Maroney, Denman (Fowler); b. Summit, NJ, 25 July 1949. He is the son of James Hilton Maroney (1908-97 Cranford NJ) and Mary Fowler Maroney (1910-96 Spuyten Duyvil NY). His siblings are Mary Maroney Walston (b. 1942 Summit NJ) and James Hilton Maroney, Jr. (b. 1943 Summit NJ). He was educated at Cal. Inst. of the Arts (MFA '74), Bennington College (course audits '70-72) and Williams College (BA '71). Teachers included John Bergamo, Alan Chaplin, Bill Dixon, Leonid Hambro, Ingram Marshall, Steven Mosko, Morton Subotnick, James Tenney and Ki Wasitadipuro (all at Cal. Arts) and Jimmy Garrison and Lionel Novak (at Bennington). He's married to Erin Martin and has two children, Tyler Davis Maroney (b. 1972) and Hagen Davis Maroney (b. 1975).

Maroney has been playing piano since 1954 and composing since 1970. He is known for his unique "hyperpiano" style, which involves exciting the strings directly with various objects n copper bars, brass bowls, plastic bowls, cassette boxes, bottles and marimba mallets, rubber blocks, Ebows and the like n while simultaneously working the keyboard. An article he wrote on hyperpiano was published in the March '99 issue of Downbeat. His collaborators include Tim Berne, Marty Ehrlich, Robert Dick, Dave Ballou, Dave Douglas, Garrett List, Herb Robertson, Mark Dresser, William Parker, Ed Schuller, Gerry Hemingway, Kevin Norton, Bobby Previte, David Van Tieghem, Theo Bleckmann, and Elliot Sharp. He has collaborated with composers Christian Marclay (turntables), Pauline Oliveros (accordion) and Butch Morris (conduction). He's done dance/theater work with Paul Binder (Big Apple Circus).

Unissued recordings:
Fluxations ('00) for Ned Rothenberg (reeds), Dave Ballou (trumpet), Maroney (piano), Mark Dresser (bass), Kevin Norton (percussion). Recorded in April '02. Will be published by New World Records in '03. Music for Words Perhaps: Ten Settings for Voice and Piano of Poems by W.B. Yeats ('99) - recorded by Maroney and baritone Theo Bleckmann in April '02.
Hyperpiano (1998); Billabong (1999); Fire Song (2000); Duologues (with Mark Dresser) (2001); Tools of the Trade (2002)
As sideperson:

The Negative Band: Stockhousen; Robert Dick, Mark Dresser and Gerry Hemingway: Tambastics; Earl Howard: A Confderacy of Dances Vol. 2; Mark Dresser: Force Green, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Vision Volume One; Mark Dresser: Marinade (2000), Aquifer (2001); Absolute Ensemble: Absolution (2001)

Radio and television broadcasts:
He was in a documentary for Swiss TV produced by Absolute Ensemble called Melting Pot New York. Call Beth Snodgrass at 212-262-0312 for more info. He has been a guest on WKCR-FM New York a bunch of times but has no record of when.

Inside the Piano" by Bill Shoemaker, Jazz Times, April '02.
"Denman Maroney: Errant Busboy Turns Cage Inside Out" by Mark Dery, Keyboard, July '91.

Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust
New York State Council on the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Meet the Composer
Jerome Robbins Foundation
New York Foundation for the Arts
Michigan State Arts Council
Yale Summer School of Music & Art
Yellow Springs Institute
Nominated for a Grammy in 2002 for "Absolution" CD by Absolute Ensemble


More/Less (1973); Temporal Mass (1974); Music for Unprepared Piano (1979); I'm Yours (1979), A Thought Revolved (1982, Wallace Stevens poem) and The Air Conditioned Nightmare (1983, Henry Miller text); Electra-cution, or, You're Under Orestes (1983); Matter of Fact (1987); Clash of Times (1988); Red Skey (1989); Pianoology (1989); Chthonia (1991); HIM (1991); Coming Apart (1992); A Holocaust Masque (1993); The Sea of Chairs (1993); Two Times (1993); Mean Times (1995); UnCaged Bacchanale (1996); The Artemis Triad (1996); Air Condition (1996); On the Contrary (1998); Artemisia (1998); Flux Time (1998); Pulse Field (1999); Music for Words Perhaps: Ten Settings for Voice and Piano of Poems by W. B. Yeats (1999); Fluxations (2000); Trade (2001); Jug (2001); The Sea of Chairs (2002)

Contact information:
246 Rte. 306
Monsey NY 10952-1810


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