Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Martina, Daniel

Martina, Daniel, guitar;

Daniel Martina began studying music theory and folk guitar with a local teacher when he was nine. Then he studied in Rosario (Argentina) at the UNR School of Music (Nacional University of Rosario) and with Santiago G. Castelli, teacher of harmony and jazz improvisation.  Later in Buenos Aires with the jazz guitarist and composer Armando Alonso (Dino Saluzzi's guitarist). Furthermore, he's self-taught himself with the Berklee College of Music method (written by W. Leavitt) and he's followed several workshops held by the G.I.T. (M.I. in L.A.). In 1981 he is summoned by Walter Nebreda ( pianist) to create, alongwith Gustavo Puccini (drums) and 
Carlos V. Colombres(bass), the Latin Jazz-Rock group "Caliente."

During 1982 he makes a folkloric experience duo with the bandoneon Marcelo Munoz on a repertoire of composer Gustavo " Cuchi " Leguizamon (very important composer of argentinean folklore). He creates the jazz-fusion group "Solobanda", where he evolves as a composer and arranger. In 1987 he creates the "Daniel Martina Quartet" with repertoire of standards of jazz in where he incorporates the synthesized guitar and he produces "Standards por rosarinos." As guitarist and arranger he integrates by 8 years the female brazilian singer Cris Avelino Band, and he produces "Things of Brazil." With Sergio Santi (keyboards), Julio Fioretti(bass) and Javier Allende (drums), he begins to participate at the annual Jazz Festival organized by Municipal Culture of Rosario.

From 1996 he develops another leader stage with Mariano Braun on keyboards, Willy Torres on bass and Hector Mansur on drums, incorporating compositions of folkloric During these years he has taken part in the clinics made by: Pat Metheny, ChuckWayne, George Benson, Scott Henderson, Jim Hall and Robben Ford. Also he has shared scene with the virtuoso Argentinean guitarist Luis Salinas. Parallelly, he plays at the band of female Argentinean singer Mariuchi Mansur (national and international repertoire of pop and tango). In another heading, he is summoned by the producers Sergio Santi and Daniel Guglielmi to participate at different advertising for stations (LT3, LT8, Fisherton) and TV (3 Channel and 5Channel ); and by the  keyboardist and producer Ivan Tarabelli to participate in the music for the movie" El cumple " by the argentinean director Gustavo Postiglione.

At the present time, he does teaching and clinics. As an artist he's been influenced by L.Salinas, G.Benson, W. Montgomery, C. Loeb, P. Metheny, E.Klugh, L.Carlton, Fourplay, D.Fagen, L.Almeida, J.Falum and R.Ford. The members of his Martina Group are Mariano Braun, piano and keyboards, Willy Torres, bass and Hector Mansur, drums. Martina plays electric and Spanish guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums.

Musica a punto de fusion; Estacion Oeste; Propinas (1997); Tute (2001); Parque Urquiza; Musica popular rosarina; OAN CD Compilation; The jazz room CD Compilation Vol 1; The jazz room CD Compilation Vol 2; Mathias Claus Collections: Best of Jazz That Rocks CD and Vocals Collaborations CD; Peggy Morris: Cyber friends; Live at Parque Espana

Interview by Damiano Fusco at Session Musician:  Daniel Martina New CD "Tute" and more:  http://www.sessionmusician.com


Contact information:
Wheelwright 1905 4 B
2000 Rosario

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