Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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McIsaac, John

McIsaac, John, bassist; b. Portland, OR, 26, February 1964. J

ohn plays in the band Spot 79 with his brother Adam McIsaac, keyboards (b. Portland, OR, January 25, 1968), M.R. "Bob" Franklin, guitar (b. December 3, 1968, Salem, Oregon) and Norm Whitehurst, drums (b. October 17, 1967, Portland). Spot 79 was formed in Portland, Oregon, during early-1998 by bassist John McIsaac, keyboardist Adam McIsaac and drummer Merrill James Hale. Guitarist M.R. "Bob" Franklin joined in mid-'98, and the band began a semi-regular Saturday night schedule at popular Portland jazz club Jimmy Mak's. R.V. Dallman was tapped to replace Hale in April 2000; Dallman left the band in late-2002 and Norm Whitehurst assumed the drum throne. Drawing from such influences as the Crusaders, Steps Ahead, Herbie Hancock, early Jeff Lorber, Weather Report and Jeff Beck, Spot 79's music is reminiscent of '70s and early-'80s jazz-rock fusion.

East Side Pride (1999); Solutions at the Speed of Business (2002)

Radio broadcasts:
Two 2002 on-air appearances, Mary Burlingame's Homegrown Live on (NPR-affiliated) jazz station KMHD FM 89.1; K

Contact information:
Booking Information: Laird Grainger, 503.705.2421; lairdgrainger@comcast.net
Website Management:  Adam McIsaac, adam@pinch.nu

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