Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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McNeill, Lloyd (G.)

McNeill, Lloyd (G.), flute; b. Washington DC, 12 April 1935. He's been in NY since Sept. 1970.

He's been teaching at Rutgers (Livingston) since 1969. During that first year, he was one of six people who conceived the Jazz Studies Department that started at Livingston. He brought Ted Dunbar, Kenny Barron and Larry Ridley to Rutgers. Because he is a flutist and a visual artist, he taught in both areas: private flute lessons, and Afro-American Music, in the music area, while at the same time Figure Drawing and Painting in the visual arts area. When Mason Gross began in '78, he got out of the rather chaotic music department and stayed with art. He continued to perform and record on his own label, Baobab Records and Asha Recording. He has two new CD's coming out: one, a "best of" series in Japan exclusively, and the other is new material, all improvised, with the pianist, Richard Kimball. His former flute teacher was Harold Jones, a man with whom Eric Dolphy also studied.

Dream Awake (1969); Asha (1969); Tanner Suite (1970); Washington Suite (1970); Treasures (1977); Tori (1978); Elegia (1980)
As sideperson:
The Rolando Cave Band: Casbah Sonova (1962); Dom Um Romao (1974); Paulo Moura: Confusao: Urbana, Suburbana, E Rural (1976); Charles Earland: The Land of Mu (1977); Gaudencio Thiago de Melo: The Music of Thiago (1978)

Contact information:
Lloyd G. McNeill
654 Broadway #2R
New York, NY 10012-2327
(212) 254-2679
(732) 932-2222 Ext.816 (M,W,Th)

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