Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mega, Migues (Carlos Miguel Vargas Pires de Mega)

Mega, Migues [Carlos Miguel Vargas Pires de Mega], guitarist; b. Lisboa, Portugal, 17 July 1969. His parents are Carlos Francisco de Oliveira Simoes Mega and Luiza Amelia Vargas de Abreu Pires. He's married to Daniela Rosa Sanches de Mega and has a son, Luiz Miguel Sanches de Mega.

His first interest in music was when he watched a Queen concert on TV in 1981. He started to play acoustic guitar in 1983 when he was 13 very influenced by my stepfather, Edilberto Abrao , that plays in brazillian jazz bands. He played electric guitar since he was 15 and he's been trying to really understand what "music" really means since then. His first work in vinyl, was in 1992 with his band Last Joker. With Last Joker he recorded one album titled "Last Joker" and performed big venues with the greatest names of the brazilian heavy metal such as, Dr. Sin, Angra, Sepultura, R.D.P., Korzus, etc. By the end of 1994, Last Joker broke up and he went to Los Angeles to study music business, recording thecnics and his passion, the guitar.He lived in LA for 2 years and studied guitar with Joey Tafolla (solo artist) and Jean Mark Belkadi who lectures at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy)and at MI (GIT) Musicians Institute. He did some production and recording courses at the Music Box Studios in Hollywood, too. He came back to Brazil in '97 and for the very first time in his life he wanted to record an instrumental and experimental free-form album.  Titled simply "Miguel Mega" and recorded on a 4 track (analog), it was his first experience and cd release. In 1999 he came up with my 2nd solo cd, titled "Intuitive". Recorded at his private studio and all produced by myself between July 98 and January 99, it presents a fusion of my favorite styles such as blues, rock, jazz, funk, Brazilian jazz and country. In his opinion, "Intuit ive" sounds much more composed than "Miguel Mega", which is great because it means that he grew up as a musician. He spent 2000 demoing new songs for his third "Coastline". This is his first solo album on which he's playing with a band. In his previous records, he composed and recorded all the instruments. This time he wrote the tunes but the band was quite free to improvise on them. Coastline is where he could express himself in a total musical freedom field. It presents high-energy jazz rock fusion with a Latin feel. Also, he recorded the track "Let Me" from Carlos Santana for a Progressive Arts Music Records (www.progressiveartsmusic.com) tribute cd. He performed at the IX Cascavel Jazz Festival, and started to write columns for several printed and on-line guitar magazines around the world such as www.guitar9.com, www.theshredzone.com (huge interview) among others .In 2002, he recorded two tracks, Greg Howe`s "K ick it all over" and Joe Satriani`s "Cryin`" for Progressive Arts Music Records cd tributes and started to write columns for Cover Guitarra (www.coverguitarra.com.br). Frank Gambale writes columns for Cover Guitarra magazine too. In October 30, 2002, he performed as headliner at X Cascavel Jazz Festival and in November recorded 4 tracks for a cd compilation for Boosweet Records (www.boosweet.com) with great names of the world fusion such as Vernon Neilly (Johnny "Guitar" Watson), Morris O`Connor (Stevie Wonder) among others. For more information, see WWW.MIGUELMEGA.COM.BR

Contact information:
R . Manoel Elias Ruiz
n. 12 apt 04
Marape, Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil .
CEP 11070-120
Tel: ( 13 ) 32518397

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