Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mehnert, Wolfram (Arnd)

Mehnert, Wolfram (Arnd), percussionist, teacher, composer; b. Stolpen, Germany, 24 January 1954. He lives with his mother Margitta (b.1932) and his father Arndt (b.1926) until 1974 in this little town in the near from Dresden.

Wolfram had clarinet lessons from about age 8-12, then taught himself drumset. He studied classical percussion at the music college "Franz Liszt" Weimar (1974-1979) and subsequently played the next 10 years in symphony orchestras and dance theatre. He moved to Dresden (1983), having founded a percussion trio and taught, mostly full-time, as a rhythm therapist. He moved with his family to Untersteinach (Bavaria) in 1996. After 2000, he did solo percussion performances. In 1984 he married Heike Hofmann. His Children are Wolfram Jr. (b.1985) and Rudolf (b.1987). He started performing gigs with "altera pars," a student-led jazz band, 1975. After 1979, he performed as bongocero in his jazz quartet. He has performed in post-free, fusion, latin jazz, and world music settings, in concerts, as special guest and at workshops. After 2000, he has played with Johannes Bauer (jazz conception 2001), Oli Bott, Christopher Dell, and Wolfram Dix. His project "Sound Garden" was with Markus Zitzmann in 2002. In 2003, he played world music with "Hamada."

Xingu (2003)

Contact information:
Wolfram Mehnert
Seer Str .10 D-95369

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