Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Michaels, Kate (Kathleen Rebecca Hall)

Michaels, Kate [Kathleen Rebecca Hall], singer, actress, voice teacher; b. Marysville, CA, 2 June 1967. Her father, Edward Proper Hall, died at age 28 and mother Janet Davis remarried John Richard Mahan when Kate was five.  She moved to Asia with her family, including younger half-brother John Richard, at the age of seven and returned to California in 1978. 

Kate began piano lessons at age six and added concert flute at age ten playing in school and community orchestras and bands.  She also began singing in choirs at age six and continued as a soloist for many groups of varying sizes and styles.  She began performing in musicals at the age of 9 and had her first solo role as Annie in Annie Get Your Gun at the age of 14.  She began formal vocal training at the age of 19 at St. Mary's College in California while earning her degree (BA in philosophy, magna cum laude).  While at St. Mary's, she began teaching fellow students who needed coaching for the required music class and was also hired as a soloist for different functions, both public and private, held on and off campus.  She continued performing roles in musical theater and singing both as a soloist and as a member of jazz ensemble groups.  When Kate was 27, she began studying the Garcia-Marchesi vocal technique with Edward Sayegh in San Francisco where in addition to performing, she also began working as an apprentice voice teacher working at New Conservatory Theater, American Conservatory Theater and University California at Berkeley.   She moved to Europe on a scholarship with the AIMS program in Austria and performed in the premier production of Himmelrand in Bremen, Germany.  She moved to Basel, Switzerland with her husband Jerome and daughter Madeline to be part of the Really Useful Group's production of Phantom of the Opera.  Shortly afterwards, she joined the faculty at the Basel Jazzschule.  In 2002, she began working with voice teacher and career consultant Elizabeth Zueblin-Tymochenko and formed her private production company, Michaels Media. Notable performances include the Eagles in Concert (1982), Reno Jazz Festival (1982), UOP Jazz Festival (1983), Memorial Auditorium Jazz Festival (1984), soloist in Jazz Octet (1982 - 1986), All Women's Jazz Choir (1982 - 1988), Jazz Flutist (1982 - 1988), Various Musical Theater Performances (1980 - 2002), and the Resistance Acappella Jazz Quartet (1993).

Just Marilyn (2003)
As sideperson:
Relic: Highlands of Love (2000); M&S21: Welcome to My Pleasure (2000)
Notable Performances:

"Freeing German Diction" Classical Singer (2000), English Editor for Vocal Jazz Series AMA Verlag (2001), "Abwichungen von der Norm" by Valentin Johannes Gloor (2002), "Sonja und Marilyn" Regio Das Magazin (2002)

Contact information:
Tiffany Fragman, tiffany@katemichaels.com

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