Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mikami, Kunihiko

Mikami, Kunihiko, pianist, composer; b. Tokyo, Japan, 19 December 1954. His parents are Yukihiko Mikami (Father), b. 5/5/1927, and Miyoko Mikami (Mother), b. 6/6/1925. His younger sister is Megumi Goto Mikami, b. 1/27/1957.

From 1972-75, he studied with Sadayasu Fujii at the Yamaha Jazz School in Tokyo, Japan. From 1974-75, he studied with Prof. Hidehiko Arashino at Shobi Music Academy in Tokyo. From 1975-1985, he studied with Barry Harris at Jazz Interactions & Barry Harris Workshop. From 1975-1983, he studied with Norman Simmons at the Jazz Mobile Workshop.

Just Like The Old Days (1991); Peace (2000); Close to You (2001); Echoes (2001); A Trio of Four(2003)
As sideperson:
Nanetta Natal-Benyo: Song of Something (1980); Lionel Hampton: For The Love Of Music (1995), 90th Birthday Concert (1996); Natalie Carter: Mind Body & Soul (2001)

Films, radio, television, theater:
In films "Year of the Dragon"(as a pianist), "Sabrina"(as a Japnese Businessman); On TV, "Austin City Limit" and "CBS This Morning," both with Lionel Hampton; Documentary "Performance at Governor's House" with Hampton at (then) Gov. George Bush's Home; Japanese TV: "Life in New York"-Portrait of the Japanese Jazz Pianist in NYC; Arranged music and conducted the band for the Off Broadway show "Tokyo Can Can" (Okada Production/1995 & 98)

Idaho Dairy News(Idaho), World Examinor(Seattle), Rafu Shinpo(LA, CA)

Contact information:

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