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Miklin, Karlheinz

Miklin, Karlheinz, saxophone, bassclarinet, flute, composition;
b. Klagenfurt, Austria, 3 November 1946. His parents were Karl Miklin (1918-1992) and Mathilde Miklin (b. 1920). His children are Karlheinz (b. 1971, a jazz drummer), Ines (b. 1974, a classical violinist) and Eric (b. 1977, a political scientist).

Karlheinz grew up in Bleiburg (South Carinthia, Austria) in a musical environment. Autodidact on the saxophone, the bass and the accordion, playing folk- and dance music and singing in a choir were among his first musical activities.

He studied at Realgymnasium Klagenfurt 1956-64 (Conservatory Klagenfurt 1958-64, piano), University Graz 1964-70 (History and German Literature, Mag.Phil.) and Music University Graz (Jazz department) 1966-70, 1973-75 (saxophone jazz). From 1970-73, he toured with "Los Argentinos" (dance, show and jazz) in Europe, "learning by doing"... From 1973-74, he taught German language and history at high school, continuing jazz studies at Music University, getting a diploma with a special award. In 1975, he began teaching at Music University (ensemble, saxophone) and playing in different groups. From 1983-2000, he was head of the Jazz department at Music University Graz, where he still teaches as a professor for saxophone. Since 1992, he has been an Associate Jazz Artist at the Royal Academy London. From 1996-2000, he was Treasurer, 2000-03 Secretary of the IASJ  (Int. Ass. Of Schools of Jazz), based in The Hague (Netherlands). He became Chairman of the IASJ in 2003. In 1998, he was named to the Advisory Board of the EYJO (European Youth Jazz Orchestra), based in Copenhagen (Denmark).

He's been voted as "Austrian musician of the year" 1983 and 84. He's done solo concerts at "Wiener Festwochen", "Solo, Duo, Trio"  Krakow and others. Since 1978, he's led the Karlheinz Miklin Trio  (Ewald Oberleitner b, Karlheinz Miklin jr. d - since 2003) with seven LP/ CD released, a number of  festival appearances and TV- and Radio recordings. They've played all over the world, with guests such as Art Farmer, Albert Mangelsdorff, Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy, Bill Dobbins, Ed Neumeister and others. Since 1984, he's made frequent tours in Europe and South America with the "Quinteto Argentina", with nine LP/CD/DVD released. Since 1989, he's led a quartet with Fritz Pauer p, Ron McClure b, Victor Lewis/Billy Hart/Adam Nussbaum d, with three CD released. In 2001, he founded a trio with Ron McClure and Billy Hart, with two CD released.

He's led different projects with pianists such as Horace Parlan, Phil Markowitz, Jarmo Savolainen, bass players such as Chuck Israels, Barre Phillips, Wayne Darling, drummers such as Mel Lewis, Kenny Washington, Bill Elgart.

He wrote the music to the film "Fegefeuer/Purgatory".
He performed with his own groups at Festivals such as:
Wiesen, Saalfelden, Jazzfest Wien, Jazzherbst Salzburg, Bregenzer Festspiele (Austria); Umbria Jazz Perugia, Porsche Jazz Festival Padova, Festa delle musiche di Europa (Italy); Belga Jazz Festival Brussels and Kortrijk (Belgium); Jazz Goes Europe Munich (Germany); Jazz Jamboree Warsaw, Jazz nad Odram Wroclaw, Old and Young Jazz Festival Cracow (Poland); Mostra de Jazz Europeu Barcelona (Spain); Leeds Jazzfestival (England); Sofia Jazz Peak (Bulgaria); Euro Jazz Athens (Greece); Malta Jazz Festival; Jazz Fair Zagreb (Croatia); Jazzfestival Belgrade (Yugoslavia); Jazzfestival Miskolc (Hungary); Jazz under the castle Trencin (Slovakia); Music Summer Nights Kiev (Ukraine); Saulkrasti Jazz (Latvia); Bilsak Jazzfestival Istanbul, Jazzfestival Izmir (Turkey); Yatra Jazz Festival Bombay, New Delhi, Bangalore, Madras (India); Tabarka Jazzfestival (Tunesia); Standard Bank Jazz Festival Grahamstown (South Africa); Festival La Plata, Patagonia Jazz Festival (Argentina); Cachagua Jazz Festival (Chile)...

and in clubs such as:
Blues Alley Washington, Ryles Boston (USA; 100 Club London, Band on the Wall Manchester (UK); Domicile Munich, Palmengarten Frankfurt, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Jazzhaus Freiburg (Germany); Porgy & Bess Vienna, Posthof Linz, Jazzit Salzburg; Treibhaus Innsbruck; M58 Graz (Austria); Moods Zurich, Casino Lucerne (Switzerland); Bim Huis Amsterdam, Dizzy Rotterdam (Netherlands); Ancienne Belgique Brussels, De Weerf Bruges (Belgium); Cafe Central Madrid, La Terrasa, Cova del Drac Barcelona (Spain); St. Louis Rome (Italy); B-Flat Porto (Portugal); Agartha Prague (Czech Republic); Akwarium Warsaw (Poland); Art Club 44 Kiev (Ukraine); Liize Riga (Latvia); Von Kraal baari Tallinn (Estonia); Juttutuppa Helsinki (Finland); San Ildefonso Mexico City; La Zorra y el Cuervo La Habana (Cuba); Carlos Brussa Montevideo (Uruguay); El Persiguidor Santiago de Chile; Notorius Buenos Aires, La Ciudad Vieja La Plata (Argentina)...

He gave masterclasses, lectures, workshops in schools such as:
Berklee College Boston, Cornish College Seattle (USA); Royal Academy London (UK); Universities Vienna,  Graz, Linz (Austria); Hochschulen Cologne, Weimar, Mannheim (Germany); Hochschulen Berne, Basel, Lucerne (Switzerland); Sibelius Academy Helsinki (Finland); Rhythmic Conservatory Copenhagen (Denmark); Royal Conservatory The Hague (Netherlands); ESMUC - Escuela Superior de Musics de Catalunya Barcelona, Taller de Musicos Madrid (Spain); Escola Superior de Arte Porto (Portugal); Associazione Jazz Siena (Italy); University Zagreb, Jeneusses Musicales Groznjan (Croatia); Music Academy Katowice, Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, Workshops Polish Jazz Society (Poland); Music Academy Riga (Latvia); Music Academy Tallinn (Estonia); Klier Conservatory Kiev (Ukraine); Pro Musica, Centro Cultural Buenos Aires, EMU La Plata (Argentina); Universidad de Santiago (Chile)...

KARLHEINZ MIKLIN TRIO: Pick Up (1981); The Rooter (1982); Instant Two (1983); Echoes of Illyria (1986); Welcome to the Club! (1993); We've only just begun (1998); Miklin Live '98 (2000);

KARLHEINZ MIKLIN QUARTET (with Fritz Pauer p, Ron McClure b and Victor Lewis/Billy Hart/Adam Nussbaum): Next Page (1991); Decisions (1995); Last Waltz (1997);

MIKLIN - McCLURE - HART: From Here To There (2002); In Between (2005);

 Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina:
Pasando (1985); Carlitos - Karlheinz Miklin in Buenos Aires (1986); Malambo Blue (1990); De Lejos (1992); El Viejo - To the roots and back (1996); Linda (2000, plus KUG Big Band); Graz Hora Cero (2004, plus KUG Big Band); Aniversario/Sketches from Illyro-Argentina CD/DVD (2006);

Looking Back (with Albert Mangelsdorff, Sheila Jordan, Horace Parlan) (1994);
Just Jazz (with Mark Murphy) (1993);
Fegefeuer/Purgatory soundtrack (1989);

As sideperson:
Big Bands: Graham Collier Jazz Ensemble: The Third Colour (Jazz Festival London 1997); "Lapouble and Asociados" featuring Michael and Randy Brecker, Gustavo Bergalli, Karlheinz Miklin (1994);
Nicola Jaritz: La sangre del ritmo (2005); George Gruntz: Renaissance Man (2002); Maja Jaku: Talking Jazzik (2002); Goetz Tangerding Trio feat. Karlheinz Miklin: Por Que No (1987); Nicos Jaritz: Cuba/Rio; Nicos Jaritz Sextet feat. Karlheinz Miklin Trio: Macumba (1981)...

Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina: Aniversario/Sketches from Illyro-Argenitna (DVD, 2006)

Film soundtrack:
Fegefeuer/Purgatory (1988)

1981 Belgrade Jazz Festival (ORTV Yugoslavia), Zagreb Jazz Festival (ORTV Yugoslavia)
1983 Belgrade Jazz Festival (ORTV Yugoslavia)
1984 Wiesen Jazz Festival (ORTV Austria), Zagreb Festival All Stars with John Lewis, Benny Bailey (ORTV Yugoslavia)
1985 The Holy Grail of Jazz and Joy (ORTV Austria, 3sat), (Jazzoratorium composed by George Gruntz, soloist with Bobby McFerrin and Sheila Jordan), European Music Festival Rome (RAI, Italy)
1986 Festival Encuentros Santiago de Chile (TV Chile)
1987 Bilsak Jazz Festival Istanbul (TV Turkey)
1988 10 years Karlheinz Miklin Trio (ORTV Austria, 3sat)
1989 Karlheinz Miklin Portrait (ORTV Austria, 3sat)
1990 Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina at the Metropol (ORTV Austria, 3sat)?
2006 Jazz keeps young. Karlheinz Miklin (ORTV Austria)

"Art for Art's sake" (In honour of Art Farmer), "Jazz Changes" (England) 5/2,1998
"Jazz als Ausnahme",  Was. Hefte fur Kultur und Politik, 37/1982
Articles about Miklin:
 Jazz al sur - La music negra en la Argentina, pp. 282, 324
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"Karlheinz Miklin: El Latino de Graz", El Periodista (Argentina) 25/7/1986
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"Austrian trio bring a fresh mix to the city", Evening Telegraph (England) 15/2/1991
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"En el centro. Karlheinz Miklin", El Pais (Spain) 26/2/1993
"No rosy bed of rhythms", The Sunday Times of India (New Delhi) 13/3/1994
"O.K. Charlie", Jazz Live (Austria) 114/1997
"Miklin el jazzista austriaco", Reforma (Mexico) 7/6/1998
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"El gusto latino de Karlheinz Miklin", Jazzzeit (Austria) 9/2001
"Kosmopolit mit lokalen Wurzeln. Karlheinz Miklin", Jazz Podium (Germany) 3/2002
"Aus einem Mythos Realitat schaffen. Karlheinz Miklin", Jazzzeit (Austria) 11/2002
"Miklin en nombre de Graz", Granma (Cuba) 24/10/2003
"Carlitos, der Illyrer", Concerto (Austria) 5/2006

1983 and 84, "Austrian Jazz Musician of the Year" (readers poll "Jazz Live")
1990 Honorary Award (Parliament of the province Kaernten/Carinthia)
2000 Grosser Josef Krainer Preis (Cultural Award of the province Steiermark/Styria

Contact information:
Karlheinz Miklin, Annaweg 12, A-8020 GRAZ (Austria)

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