Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mintel, Eric

Mintel, Eric (James), pianist, composer.  b. Plainfield, NJ, 8 October 1967.

Eric moved to Upper Black Eddy, (Bucks County) PA in 1970 when he was three.  He is the only child of Lorrimer Mintel b.1940 and Lucretia Mintel b.1940.  Eric's parents would find him at the piano having an incredible interest in the instrument.  He was often found trying to make up his own melodies.  At the age of 14, Eric came across an old jazz recording by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.  He played the record and had an instant connection with the music and decided he would dedicate the rest of his life to jazz.  He took piano lessons for one year but his piano teacher found it difficult to teach him because Eric was already playing rhythmically demanding music like Brubeck's Blue Rondo a la Turk, Take Five etc.  This prompted his teacher to abandon lessons saying that Eric would have to find his own musical path.  Which Eric did. In 1993 after years of practice and discipline, Eric formed his first jazz group, initially a quintet consisting of piano, bass, drums, sax and guitar.  The quintet had their first concert at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA on November 12, 1993.  So successful was their concert that Eric took to the road and performed at other college campuses in the region to very enthusiastic response.  After a year Eric changed the format to a quartet with piano, bass, drums and sax.  In 1994 he met his future wife Darby Lane b.1966. In May of 1998 Eric and Darby wed. A landmark performance for the Eric Mintel Quartet happened on December 22, 1998 when Eric was invited to perform at the White House along with the quartet for a holiday dinner for then President Clinton.  The quartet performed for political powers and family and friends of the President.  After the performance Eric and the quartet were taken into the diplomatic room where they met President Clinton and gave him a signed copy of their CD at the time.  In July 1999 Eric had a world premiere of his original jazz and symphonic composition titled "Millennium Suite"(arranged by Leonard Murphy) and performed before 5,000 people in Tinicum Park Erwinna, PA with the Riverside Symphonia.  The Eric Mintel Quartet was a part of the performance taking over the improvised section of the composition.  In 1999, 2000 and 2001, the quartet enjoyed several performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.  Each performance was broadcast live over the internet. In 2000 the quartet went through a change in personnel and now consists solidly of Eric Mintel on piano, Nelson Hill on sax, Dave Antonow on bass and Dave Mohn on drums.  Eric was the featured guest on Marian McPartland's piano Jazz on NPR in June 2005 and September 2006.  In June of 2006 the Eric Mintel Quartet was invited to perform at the XM Performance Theater in Washington, DC.  As a result of their successful performance, XM allowed Eric to release the concert on CD (Eric Mintel Quartet Live @ XM).  Currently the Eric Mintel Quartet are in heavy rotation on XM Radio Real Jazz XM 70.  Eric Maintains a very busy performing schedule and takes to the road several times a year.  Plans are underway for concerts into Europe.  In April of 2002 Eric and Darby welcomed their first child into the world, Tess Mariah Mintel.  Eric is involved in booking the group, organizing tours, sending out press kits, writing articles, doing interviews and contacting radio stations for air play.  The Eric Mintel Quartet are reaching many people on many musical levels and reaching a general public through performance of their unique style of jazz.  Eric remains a key player in the development of jazz into the future. He's based in Bucks County, PA in Feasterville, PA about 25 miles Northeast of Philadelphia.

Lullaby (1998); Silent Night (2000); EMQ Live (2001); Hopscotch (2002), Dynamo (2004), Four on the Floor (2005), 3 CD Boxed set(2005), Live at XM (2006), Times Change (2007).

Television Broadcasts:
  December 1998 KYW News 3 White House performance.  Philadelphia, PA
  December 2000 KYW News 3 Live in the Plaza.  Philadelphia
  December 2000 CN8 News Buckingham, PA
  June 2002 KYW News 3 in studio performance.  Ukee Washington anchor.
  June 2002 WLVT Tempo.  Bethlehem, PA
  October 2002 NBC 10 "10".  Philadelphia
  January 2003 NBC 10 "10".  Philadelphia promoting Hopscotch.

Eric is the featured Guest on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz on NPR June 2005 and September 2006

Television Concerts:
Manchester, NH River Fest.  Manchester, NH.
Takoma Park TV Takoma Park Jazz Festival, Takoma Park, MD.
Home Grown Music on WVIA TV Scranton, PA April 9, 2007

  Articles and publications:
  January 1998 Bucks County Town and Country Living Magazine.  Bucks Brubeck
  April 2000 Down Beat Magazine.  Players section.
  March 2001 Time Off.  Front cover and article about jazz/choral composition.
  February 2003 Out & About Front cover and article inside about quartet.
  May 2003 Down Beat Magazine
  June 2007 Jazz Times Magazine

Contact information:
  Eric Mintel Quartet

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