Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mishalle, Luc (Henri Joseph)

Mishalle, Luc (Henri Joseph), saxophonist, composer; b. Antwerp, (B), 6 January 1953.

He started playing mandolin, banjo, guitar from the age of six. Played in various folk ensembles. Took up saxophone at the age of 17 and took various lessons in music schools (saxophone, trumpet, piano, harmony, theatre). Followed workshops with Johnny Griffin, Hal Singer, Steve Houben, Lol Coxhill. Obtained a law degree in 1976. During his University days, he formed the avant-garde trio Mishalle-Geladi-Steels, and performed at Studio voor Experimentele Muziek in Antwerp and WIM (Werkgroep Improviserende Musici). From 1976 until 1979 he was Musical Director of the Theatre group Welfare State International (G.B.) and worked closely with Lol Coxhill and Lou Glandfield among others. He returned to Antwerp to lead 'Centrum voor Experimenteel Theater' where he took part in many theatre workshops. He played with the Dutch group St Juttemis (2 L.P.'s), played in Chambre Operas and performed music from Kurt Weill with the Internationale Nieuwe Scene.
In 1982 he was associate Director of Welfare State International, wrote and played music for various theatre performances and directed the opening performance for the first WOMAD-festival in Bristol. In 1983 he was musical director of Tiedrie (theatre) where he performed over 100 times with Turkish and Moroccan musicians in Europe and Hong Kong. From 1984 he initiated a lot of 'world-music' groups. Among others, BelAikal (a trio) who performed in Europe (Bracknell Jazz, Klinkende Munt (Brussels); Huddersfield Contemporary Music, Poetry International). Founded Galileo's Left Wing, a quartet that toured most European countries and he often played with the Dutch performance group Dogtroep. In 1986 he worked with the British Theatre of Shadows n two tours in Tunesia- which emanated in Urban Shadows, a Liverpool based production. He toured in England in duo with Fred van Hove and plays (until now) on all Free Music Festivals in various ad hoc ensembles with among others, Maggie Nichols, Steve Beresford, Lol Coxhill, Peter Kowald, Misha Mengelberg). He also writes and plays often for Welfare State (Vancouver-Canada) and the London based Emergency Exit Arts. From 1987 he received composition grants from all major cultural centers in Falnders: Mekoue for Monty (Antwerp), Akoestische Winterverhalen (Withe Paul Rutherford) in CC. Berchem, Peyelau (WIM-big band), Metropolis (Stad aan de stroom), Webl (Festival van Vlaanderen) and 3 'Urbanized' productions (Vooruit-Gent) with Trevor Watts (sax). From 1988 until 1998 het plays with Blindman Quartet (Contemporary and improvized Music). The group tours in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong on all major Contemporary Music Festivals. In 1989 he is also musician in residence for LOD (Gent), creating a number of projects, starts up Moroccan bands like RaO Express and tours with Cheb Zahouani. He also writes and plays for Welfare State and the opening of the Huston Festival (USA). From 1991 to 1993 he coordinates a minority music program at Antwerp 93 (Cultural Capital), emanating in Marakbar, a Moroccan bigband. He also plays in 'Een orkest', festival of New Opera and Ictus (contemporary Music). In 1995, he started Al-Harmoniah (saxophone big band) and El Adoua, writes and performs a song cycle (from Scratch) and tours in duo with An De Donder (children's theatre). In 1997 he created 3x3, a nonet with among others Adama Drame (Burkina Fasso) and Trevor Watts (GB). He directed and performed in Tongues and Savage/Love based on texts from Joe Chaikin and Sam Sheppard. He then performed for Walpurgis (Antwerp): Nooit meer slapen' and for Limelight : Squeezbox Hardware'. He wrote music for Tirasila (location theatre in Limburg). From 1988 until now, he's been artistic director of De Krijtkring, a music and education organisation, based in Brussels and supported by the Flemish government. Works with Orchestre National de Barbes, is artistic director (twice) of one of 5 poles from the Zinneke parade (Brussels) and creates many ad hoc projects.

He is married to Veronique Delmelle (Saxophone-player and teacher) and has one son ( 1977) who is a DJ, amongst other.

Several cassettes with North African editors: BelAikal, Zjora, RaO Express, El Marah, El Kholoud; also Wim (improvized music). LPs with Mishalle-Geladi-Steel, St Juttemis (2), Internationale Nieuwe Scene, From Scratch and Welfare State. CDs with Galileo's Left Wing, Blindman, Speeltheater, Marakbar, Marockin'Antwerp (compilation), Marockin Stories (Blindman, Marakbar and Al-Harmoniah), Shaabi Jazz (Al-Harmoniah). Single cd's with El Adoua, Al Harmoniah, Fanfarrah, Al Harmoniah on Strings. On compilations by De Werf (Brugge), The'tre National (Blindman), Subrosa (Blindman), Couleur Cafe (Al-Harmoniah), Music & Words (Marakbar & Al-Harmoniah), Fnac (Al-Harmoniah)

Wrote articles in Ons Erfdeel Methuen ed., Alamire.   
Numerous radio and television interviews in Belgium, Holland, G.B.....

Contact information:
Luc Mishalle
rue du Capitaine Linard 6, B 1390 Bossut.
vzw De Krijtkring
Werfstraat 2
1000 Brussel

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