Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Mommaas, Marc (Hendrik)

Mommaas, Marc (Hendrik), tenor saxophonist, also soprano saxophone and bass-clarinet, composer; b. Tegelen, Netherlands, 12 September 1969. His father (Henk Mommaas, b. March 6th 1946) is a well-known painter/artist in the Netherlands and developed his career in Amsterdam. His mother (Carolien Collette-Martens, b. March 17th 1945) is a pianist, opera singer and educator. He also has a sister (Esther Mommaas, b. July 13th 1971). The grandfather of his mothers side (Johannes Collette) was a professional multi instrumentalist playing flute, viola da gamba, recorder, organ, spinet and harpsichord and taught at the conservatory of Maastricht. Johannes was married to Folly de Vries-Collette who was an opera singer. The father of Johannes was a professional Organ player.

Mommaas grew up the first part of his youth with his mother, the second part with his father in Amsterdam. Although always surrounded by music (Classical and Jazz) he first became an athlete (swimming). After injuries he finally decided to buy a tenor-saxophone, he was 16 years old. His first hero was Ben Webster who he shook hands with when he was 3 years old. His first teacher was Ronnie Rem (an alto saxophonist), followed by flutist and saxophonist Peter Guidi who became his mentor and introduced him to Coltrane, Rollins and Cannonball Adderley. He also had some lessons from Jasper Blom (saxophonist and educator, teaches on the conservatory of Amsterdam). During Marc's study he managed to combine his musical development with a university education.  After finishing his education (Master-degree in Comm.   Science/Business/Economics at the University of Amsterdam, 1995) he visited New York City to continue his musical career. While visiting New York he studied with well known musicians David Liebman, Garry Dial, and Dick Oatts. He returned to Holland where he continued to work as a free-lance musician.  After receiving two grants (Stichting Podium Kunsten, Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds/Anjer Fondsen, 1997) he moved to New York where he continued his musical development by participating in master classes and studying composition, harmony and piano with Garry Dial. Marc received a full scholarship from the Manhattan School of Music (2000) where he pursued his Master's in Jazz Performance and upon graduating was awarded the 'William H. Borden Award' (2002), given to one student out of the graduating class for outstanding achievement. He also participated in the Lake Placid Seminar (1997) and the Aspen Snowmass Jazz Sessions (2001) for which he received full scholarships. He frequently tours Europe with different formations and did several tours with his band "Global Motion", making his first recording as a leader in 1999.  In 2002 the renowned percussionist/drummer from New York City, Tony Moreno joined the band.  Global Motion also includes bass player John Hebert from New Orleans, and pianist Nikolaj Hess from Copenhagen. He's also recorded with Rez Abbasi on electric guitar and sitar.

MSA Big Band: Target practice (1995); Astrid Seriese: Temptation (1995); Dirk Balthaus: The healing (1998); Fay Victor: In my Own Room (1998); Globalmotiontrio (1999); Bill Gerhardt: Contangent (2000); Diana Perez: Seventh ave. south (2001); Fay Victor: Darker then blue (2001); Global Motion (2003)

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