Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Monroe, Nancy (Nancy Tina Kaplan)

Monroe, Nancy  [Nancy Tina Kaplan], vocalist, educator; b. Verona, NJ, 15 April 1950. She has two sisters, Joan, b. 1942 and Bunny, b. 1946. Her mother, born 1911, is Beatrice Dordick. Her father, Monroe Kaplan [1903-1987), played piano and sang (amateur) with family frequently. 

As a young child Nancy took dancing, singing, acting lessons from Blanche Zeller [Julliard graduate and father's sister].  Nancy took guitar lessons 1 year, age 12.  Attended Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, Lehman College, NY and in 2004 completed her BA in Literature and Writing at SUNY Empire State College, NYC.  From 1974-1978 she performed with the New York Dragon Kings at LaMama ETC. and Theatre Genesis.  From 1980-1982 she studied sight singing with Maurice Finnell.  Nancy studied briefly with jazz vocalist Carmen Lundy.  From 1983-1984 she studied piano with Mike Longo.  From 1984-1990 she studied vocal technique, both classical and modern music with Julliard graduate Margaretha Wolff, born 1906.  From 1996-2003 Nancy studied piano with Margaretha Wolff.  In 1994 Nancy signed with MJA Record label and her first CD, Dance My Heart, was recorded.  MJA released her second CD, The Love Within in 2000.

Nancy and David Alan Gross married January 1, 1983.  They co-led a band for 15 years.  Nancy has performed at such NYC venues as the Blue Note, Birdland, and the Five Spot.  In concert, Nancy performed "Landscapes and the Quiet Heart" (1993) and "Celebrating Langston Hughes" (1991), music by Mary Antonelli.  She has performed with the Chip White Quartet in the jazz musical "Manhattan Moments" in NYC. Since 1998, Nancy has been teaching music to young children at Concordia Conservatory, Bronxville, NY; Music Institute of Long Island, Manhasset, NY and the Educational Alliance of NY, NYC.  Privately, she also teaches adults vocal jazz and children piano.

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