Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Moreno, Roberto Luis

Moreno, Roberto Luis, bassist, teacher, composer; Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 12, 1964. He resides in this city. His mother was Imelda Moreno (1938-1999). His companion is Adriana Griecco.

At the age of 16 he began to touch electric bass in self-taught form, without having happened for another instrument before. In 1984, he began studies of electric bass in the High School of Guitar and Jazz "Walter Malossetti", directed by this prestigious musician, with Jose Gerpe. On the following year, he earned a scholarship granted by this school. From this year he realizes presentations in different theatres, pubs and diverse scenes of the Argentina and Uruguay. In 1986 he studied electric bass, harmony and composition with Bucky Arcella. The same year was rewarded with the prize "Satchmo" (as better instrumentalist not guitarist), granted by the High School of Guitar and Jazz "Walter Malossetti". In 1988 he did studies of traditional harmony in SADAIC with Sebastian Piana, musician of renown in the Argentina. In 1991 he took part together with "Bongo" Farias Gomez, accompanying Juan Manuel d el Franco, in the traditional festival of folklore "Cosquin", in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. Simultaneously, from this year he began to realize also presentations to benefit institutions of common good. In the following year, he won in the Musical discipline category Folklore, in 13 Series of Cultural Contests Coca Cola in the arts and the sciences, Olympiads of young talent, Youth 92, as member of the Group La Baldosa and was rewarded to take part in the cycle "Voices with the same blood" , realized in the Theatre President Alvear, organized by Teresa Parodi (educationally and recognized Argentine folklorist). Also he was invited to take part in the Broadcasters' first Meeting of Latin-American and Caribbean Music, which led to end in La Havana, Cuba, organized by the Department of Music of  House of The Americas. In 1993 he took part in the recognized cycle "Jazzologia", realized in the Cultural General San Martin Center. On the following year he studied latin rhythms with Alejandro Herrera. From 1995 he appeared in different television programs and of radio (in Argentina and Cuba), already a soloist or accompanying musici ans. From 2001 and up to the moment, diverse publications and specializing sites covered his shows and commented on his disc soloist with great acceptance. Again, in 1998, he was invited to La Havana, Cuba, by the Department of Music of the House of The Americas to take part this time in the Festival of Contemporary Music UNEAC 98, supported also for the Secretariat of Culture of the Nation Argentina. In 2001, he was chosen by the magazine " The Eye of the Musician" as the bassist of the year. From 2002 he collaborates in the websites  Keyboard Experience (Argentina) and Intermusic (Chile). In all his path up to today, Roberto Moreno integrated the following groups: Footprints (jazz, 1985-1989), Canturbe (urban music, 1990-1991), Group La Baldosa (1991-1995), Mediomundo Group (Uruguay, 1994-2003), Piscis,(latin jazz, 1996-1999), Luis Saltos Trio (tango, 1997-1999), La Yesca (ethnic music, 2001), and his own group, the Roberto Moreno Quartet founded on 2001. Between the soloists whom he accompanied, Washington "Canario" Luna (during the period 1994-1999), one of the most important Uruguayan singers who writes his own songs and one of the first ones in spreading all over the world the Candombe and The Uruguayan Murga. As teacher, he held workshops in SADEM (Musicians' Argentine Union), FERIMUSICA (together with Matias Gonzalez, one of the best Argentine bassists, member, between others, of the group of Dino Saluzzi) and E FIMUS (School for the Musicians' integral Formation Ricardo Pellican). Besides, he is a stable member of the educational staff of this institution. From 1988 he dictates particular classes of Electric Bass. In 1998 he took part in the educational program " Candombe in the schools ", destined to pupils of pre-school.

Group Canturbe: In sale (199); La Baldosa: Tizas y Voces (1993); Luis Saltos Trio: Harmonica in the night of Bueons Aires; Piscis: Piscis (1999); A World of Four Strings; Electric Bass Method; Quijotes (2004); Besides, nowadays he is doing a work of investigation on the Candombe (music of roots Afro with seat in the Uruguay and in minor measurement in the Republic Argentina).

http://members.robers.com/radapaw/unionpages (the imaginary bass players union)

Contact information:
Arenales 2236  2 "B"
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
CP(1124) - Republica Argentina
Tel: (5411) 4823-6830

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