Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Moshe, Ras

Moshe, Ras, tenor, alto and soprano saxes, flute, bass clarinet; b. Brooklyn, NY, 22 March 1968. He grew up in Brooklyn, and is now a Manhattan resident.

Moshe started on alto and started to include tenor in 1990. No formal school training. Studied with Father (Jacob Burnett-alto & soprano) who played a lot in Brooklyn in the 1970's. His grandfather Ted Burnett (used the last name "Barnett" for professional reasons) who came to Brooklyn from St. Ann's Bay Jamaica in the late 30's, played Tenor and Alto with Lucky Millender, Earl Bostic, Don Redman & Jimmy Mundy. Ras played in the school bands in Brooklyn from 5th grade throughout High School. Played with reggae bands as well off and on. Although trained and well versed in early forms of "jazz" his preferred style of improvisation is in the "avant garde" mode of improvised music. His main influences are John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler, Frank Wright, Jackie McLean, Thelonious Monk, Charles Parker, Evan Parker, Jimmy Lyons, Cecil Taylor, Max Roach, and Archie Shepp. Ras also has been writing poetry since childhood. Plays when he can in the New York City and State areas. He is the founder of the Music Now festival which has had eight successful runs at different locations so far (The Brecht Forum ,The Orange Bear, The Four Corners, free103point9, The Walker St. Stage, Lotus Music and Dance.  This festival has featured many creative improvisers, crossing race, gender, location and age spectrums. It is still going strong with plans to travel and expand. He has performed with William Hooker, Billy Bang, Cecil Taylor, Kyoko Kitamura, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Sabir Mateen, Tom Bruno, Todd Nicholson, Steve Swell, Lou Grassi, Raphe Malik, Tor Snyder, Matt Lavelle, Matt Heyner, Matana Roberts, Reut Regev, Louis Belogenis, Marc Edwards, Roy Campbell, Jackson Krall, Todd Capp and others. Aside from Ras playing in these people's projects, they also appeared in the different Music Now festivals as well with their different groups.

Blue Universe Quartet (2000); Schematic (2002); Live At The Westcott Community Center 2002 (2002)
As sideperson:
Izititiz: The Diaper Band (1999), With Our With Jazz (2002); Matt Lavelle Quartet or "Sanctified": Handling The Moment (2002)

Contact information:

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