Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Muntarbhorn, Sirabhorn (Ti)

Muntarbhorn, Sirabhorn (Ti), (aka Dr. ka-TI), guitarist, vocalist; b. Bangkok, Thailand, 20 June 1954. She moved to the U.K. at the age of 10. Attended Lady Eden's School, Kensington, London (1964-1965) and Heathfield School, Ascot, Berkshiire (1965-1971), where she was deeply influenced by the Sixties' British music scene. It was at Heathfield that she had a private audience with her spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, of Tibet, who was visiting the U.K. at the time.
She crossed the Atlantic in 1971 and attended Endicott College, Beverly, MA, for a two-year Interior Design course at her parents' suggestion. They did not want her to go into music; her father passed away in 2001. There she received the Phi Theta Kappa Award and placed first (Dean's List) in the Art Department. 

After graduating from Endicott, she enrolled at Berklee College of Music where she received a Diploma in Arranging and Composition [Majoring in Jazz Guitar] (1973-1977).   In 1979, Berklee became a fully accredited college.   She, therefore, returned to Berklee for one semester to complete her studies for the  Bachelor of Music Degree which she graduated Cum Laude (1980). While at Berklee she studied guitar with Bill Leavitt, Pat Metheny and privately with Mick Goodrick.  She took courses with Gary Burton, Michael Gibbs, and Herb Pomeroy. School mates included Mike Stern, Mike Thompson, Jay Azzolina, Richard Niles, and through Metheny became friends with Jaco Pastorius. Metheny he named the song "Sirabhorn" [from "Bright Size Life"] for her. She returned to Bangkok and worked as an Entertainment/Concert Manager for Nite Spot Productions/WEA Records. She was also a DJ for Thailand's first all English language radio station, FM 107. She returned to the U.S. (1983) and was active in the Los Angeles entertainment industry for over a decade.   There she earned her Law Degree [J.D.] and worked as a Business Affairs Manager at several entertainment companies e.g., Harmony Gold located in the heart of Sunset Boulevard. She took private guitar lessons in Los Angeles from Barry Zweig (1993) and Joe Diorio (1994). The great Northridge [San Fernando Valley, CA] earthquake (1994) convinced her to focus on performing, and she returned to Bangkok, Thailand, to become a full time jazz musician. She participated in Jazz Workshops (Bangkok, Thailand from 1996-2003. At the Thelonious Monk Institute on tour in Bangkok, 1996, she played with Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock with the Thelonious Monk Institute Ensemble. Also, during the period, she attended workshops with the Maynard Ferguson Little Bop Nuvo Band and guitarist Joe Beck. Now known simply as "Dr. ka-TI," she runs the "Dr. ka-TI Brazilian Jazz" Band, specializing in the bossa nova of Brasil. She has had several TV, Radio, Concert appearances and many magazine articles including several dozen full-length interviews in English, Thai and Japanese. In order to inspire her radio listeners into learning the English language, she created a unique method by teaching English via song lyrics.  The very popular program held daily on FM 89 was simply known as "More Than Words."  This also led to the translation of lyrics where readers can learn new English vocabularies via several music magazines such as Channel [V], Generation Terrorist and Season Magazines.   She holds weekly Brazilian music workshops and jazz workshops, free of charge. She received a Grant from the Fundassao Oriente of Portugal and was invited as artist-in-residence for a one-month stay at the 16th Century Arrabida Monastery, South of Lisbon (2002). Dr. ka-TI is also a volunteer member of the Orpheus Choir of The Bangkok Opera Foundation, where she has performed several projects including the international performance of Mozart's Requiem   on September 11, 2002.

The New Color (2004); The Opera: Madana; The Band: Tea for Three; The Singer: Audy; The Radio Show: Tamdon (1996)

Magazine Columnist/Interviewer (Bangkok, Thailand):  1996-2003
Interviewed Artists/Special Assignments e.g.,
1.  Guitarist, George Benson, for Overdrive Magazine
2.   Cover story of "Pat Metheny v. Kenny G" for Season Magazine

BK Magazine -   "+ Media" May 4-17, 2001
Bangkok Post Outlook - "Hitting the Right Notes" March 24, 2002
Student Weekly - "Dr. ka-TI:   Bossa Nova Queen" March 25, 2002
Outlook - "Jazz Great Bids Farewell To Bangkok" May 13, 2003
Outlook - "Leading A Full Life" January 19, 2004
Brazilian Contemporary Arts (U.K.) News From Brazil - "Blame It On The Bossa Nova" July, 2004 (Featured story)
Guide of Bangkok "Dr. ka-TI - First Degree Jazz" January 1, 2001;"The Amazing Dr. ka-TI" July 1, 2001
Bangkok Metro - "Bossa Nova Bebe" December, 2002
The Nation Sunday Focus - "Tuning Into the Future"  November 12, 1995; Weekend - "Notes From The Heart" January 19, 2001 (Cover Story); Femme - "Jazzing Up the Music Scene"  March 9, 2002 (Cover Story); Talk of the Town - "Return of Our Lady of the Bossa Nova" October 11, 2007
Thailand Tatler -   "Bon Voyage"  March, 2003
Timeout - "Dr. ka-TI:   Mission Impossible"  March, 2001 (Cover Story)
Zingasia.com - "Dr. ka-TI: The Doctor of Bossa Nova" November 11, 2001
"Work Escape:   Music Therapy"  March, 2003
Disc@zine - "Dr. ka-TI:   Brazilian Jazz Guitarist"  December, 2001
E-Magazine - "The True Treasure Of Music" February, 2002
Front "Living Space - The Rhythm Of Life" February, 2003
GuitarThai.com  "Interview With Dr. ka-TI" February, 2003
Image Magazine "She Knows What She Wants!" March, 2003
J-Spy "Dr. ka-TI - The Lady Who Befriended Yoshiki (of X-Japan)" December, 2000
Kom, Chad, Luek -Daily "Brazilian Jazz - The True Love Of Dr. ka-TI's" March 28, 2002; Skytrain Weekly "Dr. ka-TI's Jazz Life" July 21, 2003
Kulasatree "Stepping Towards Your Dreams" March, 2003
Krung Thep Turaki - Jud Pra Kai "From Hollywood To Bangkok"  Sept. 26, 1995
"Aiming For ... Carnegie Hall" January 6, 2003
Money and Wealth - Wealthy Lifestyle "Me And My Best Friends: The Guitars Of Dr. ka-TI's" May, 2003
Music J Station - "Interview -   Dr. ka-TI - Sirabhorn Muntarbhorn" September, 2001
Old England (Alumni) Association "Interview - Dr. ka-TI - World Class Artist" June, 2000
Poo Jud Karn (The Manager and Manager Weekly) "Thai Society - In The Eyes Of Dr. ka-TI's" May 16, 2003; Taste Section - "Word for Word:  Dr. ka-TI and Jazz" May 26 - June 1, 2003
Poo Ying " Woman in Jazz - Dr. Sirabhorn Muntarbhorn" April, 1998
Praew Sud Subda"The Newest Lady DJ of 89 FM - Pirate Radio" October 16, 1997; Interior Design - "Happiness"  September 16, 2000; Music Room February, 2001; Fly For Art - "Music"  September 1, 2001
Season "The Dream From The Neck Of The Guitar That Will Never Change" January, 1999
Tarn Settakij "Dr. ka-TI - Angel of Jazz" December 15-16, 2000
Latina (Two articles) Dr. ka-TI   (page 58)  May 2002; Brazilian Jazz News November, 2002

Contact information:
Sirabhorn Ti Muntarbhorn (aka Dr. ka-TI)
c/o Katayama Productions
12439 Magnolia Boulevard (#249)
North Hollywood, CA 91607, USA
Tel:   (818) 759-4104
Fax:  (818) 760-7755

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