Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Murphy, Paul

Murphy, Paul, drummer; b. Worcester, MA, 25 January 1949.

He studied music, percussion, and timpani for 9 years with Joseph Leavitt (Principal percussionist with the National Symphony), at Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore. He had additional drum and musical studies with Dawson Bugg, Gene Krupa, Louis Bellson, Buddy Rich, Rashied Ali, and Jimmy Lyons. He's been a Clinician for the Berklee School of Music, Boston, Massachusetts. At the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, he was a former Faculty Member, as he taught improvised music. He led a band in San Francisco (Keystone Korner and other venues) with Mary Ann Driscoll and Steve D'Amico, 1972. He led a band with Dewey Johnson, Karen Borca, Mary Ann Driscoll, and Jay Oliver, in NYC 1974-1979. He was a member of the Jimmy Lyons Quartet and ensembles from 1974 to 1986, and toured with Jimmy Lyons throughout Europe and the U.S. He led an ensemble with Glen Spearman and Kash Killion, at Concord Jazz Festival, 1988. He led an ensemble with India Cooke, Kash Killi on, Glenn Spearman, at Concepts, Oakland, California. He's been a session drummer in Las Vegas and he was principal session drummer for Mapleshade Studios, 1990-1994. Recent performances include the Jimmy Lyons Tribute Band with Karen Borca, Raphe Malik, William Parker, and Paul Murphy at the Vision Festival, May 25, 1998; Trio Hurricane with Glenn Spearman, Paul Murphy, and William Parker at the Fire In The Valley Festival, Amherst, Massachusetts, July 26, 1997; Trio Hurricane (Glenn Spearman, Paul Murphy, and William Parker) at the Vision Festival, New York, NY, May 26, 1997; and Paul Murphy & Phoenix, featuring Hamiet Bluiett, Edward 'Kidd' Jordan, Karen Borca, Yuko Fujiyama, Kash Killion, and William Parker at the DC World Jazz Festival, July 3, 1994.

Paul Murphy and Mary Anne Driscoll: In a Dream; Trio Hurricane: Suite of Winds
As sideperson:
Jimmy Lyons: We Sneez-A-Wee, Give It Up, Red Snapper, Cloud Burst, Live at Moer's Festival, Live in Paris; Eddie Gale: A Minute With Miles; Other recording sessions with Raphe Malik, Glenn Spearman, Paul Murphy, William Parker, at Mapleshade Studio, Clifford Jordan, Paul Murphy, Larry Willis, Kiani Zwadi, at Mapleshade Studio, Frank Kimbrough, Paul Murphy, Ben Allison, at Mapleshade Studio, Paul Murphy, Joel Futterman, Mary Anne Driscoll, at Mapleshade Studio,
Ran Blake, Paul Murphy, Ben Allison, at Mapleshade Studio, Paul Murphy, Larry Willis, Kash Killion, at Mapleshade Studio, Mary Anne Driscoll, Paul Murphy, William Parker, at Mapleshade Studio, Windmill Saxophone Ouartet featuring Paul Murphy, Ben Allison, at Mapleshade Studio and Paul Murphy, Dewey Johnson, Mary Anne Driscoll Live At Ali's Alley, New York, NY

Contact information:
Jere Carroll, Suite 27
2900 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 667-3694

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