Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Nenad, Vasilic

Nenad, Vasilic, bass; b. Nis, Yugoslavia, 5 August 1975. His mother, Miletic Ljubinka, was born in Nis 1949,  and his father was born in Mladenovac 1932. Nenad has two kids, Vuk Vasilic born in Nis ,Yu 05.09.1999 and Jana Vasilic born in Graz, Austria 11.08.2001.

Nenad finished high school in Nis with majors in choir arrangement, theory, and classical double bass. He had further education at the University Music School - Graz, Austria (Jazz Institute) with a major in Jazz Kontrabass/ Electric bass.

After appearing as a sideman in various international line-ups alongside the likes of Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan and the trumpeter Steve Gut, Vasilic started his own band in 1998. The original idea was to form a jazz quintet with no American songs in the repertoire. In time, the focus of the band's musical approach became more clearly defined, resulting in a fusion of European jazz and improvised music with melodies and rhythms from the vast store of Balkan folk music. Vasilic spent some time collecting the most interesting traditional tunes of his region and began to arrange them for the band.

His success has been to blend the feel and tradition of this folk music with the contemporary instrumentation and range of expression of a jazz quintet.

For Vasilic Nenad the melodies and rhythms of his native Serbia (and the Balkans beyond!) have always been central to his musical approach. By combining these elements with the elements of contemporary jazz, Vasilic's music has evolved into a European interpretation of world jazz of an outstandingly original style. Nenad and the musicians featured on his recording sessions formed their band in Graz, Austria, where Vasilic currently resides. The drummer Dusan Novakov and percussionist Predo Peric are also originally from the former Yugoslavia. Together with the saxophonist Nicolas Simion, born in a town in the Carpathians, these musicians have remained fully in touch with the roots of their music.

Yugoslavia; Balkan Band-Folk Songs; Vasilic Nenad Balkan Band: Joe Jack

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Contact information:
Vasilic Nenad      
Ghegagasse 9/54                             
8020 Graz , Austria
tel - ++436764862736
e-mail - vasajazz@yahoo.com
Homepage - http://vasilic.faithweb.com

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