Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Ness, Dale (Conrad)

Ness, Dale (Conrad), pianist, composer, producer, publisher; b. Cloquet MN, 18 August 1959. 

Moved to Clinton MD in 1970, then moved to Colorado Springs CO in 1974.  Dale started piano lessons at age 10 with his mother. As a teenager, he studied with John Buck (piano, theory), Steven Scott (electronic music composition), with Curtis Smith (piano, theory, and composition).  As a high school student, Dale won "Outstanding Piano Soloist" at the Maynard Ferguson Jazz Festival in Colorado Springs in 1976. Dale graduated for the University of Arizona (B.S. Physics 1992) and the University of Pittsburgh (M.S. Physics 1994).  While in Pittsburgh, he studied jazz piano with David Budway. Dale returned to Colorado in 1994.  He played piano with the Just for Kicks big band for 6 years and with Ron Holleman's Just Jazz Quintet for the past 3 years.  Dale's current emphasis is on composing, recording, and producing his own compositions. Dale's performing rights organization is BMI.

Dale married Laurie Mickey in 1999 and their children are William (b.2000) and Edward (b. 2001).

Dale Ness, Noises In My Head (2002); Dale Ness and A Head Full Of Noises, Live in Concert, 17 August 2002

Contact information:

Dale Ness Music
P.O. Box 1491
Broomfield CO 80038-1491

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