Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Nitsch, Martin (Peter)

Nitsch, Martin (Peter), guitar, composition; b. Bankeryd, Sweden, 26 October 1970. Nitsch grew up there and in Limmared, Sweden, in upper Austria (St. Florian, Asten, Kirchdorf) and Tyrol (Jenbach). Now he lives in Innsbruck, Tyrol. His mother is Ingeborg (born 1943, Grunau, Austria) and his father is Gunther (b. 1931, Hartberg, Austria). His sisters are Susi (b. 1957) and Sabine (b. 1963) and his brothers are Marcus (b. 1965) and Stefan (b. 1981, a singer).

His teachers at Brucknerkonservatorium, Linz included apart from Peter O'Mara, Christian Muthspiel, Allan Praskin, Doug Hammond, Jeff Boudreaux, Martin Stepanik, Michael Langer, Helmut Schonleitner, Adelhard Roidinger, and Andreas Schreiber. He also took lessons from Brandon Ross in Linz. He studied from 1993 - 97. Today, he leads the Martin Nitsch Quintet. He's been teaching at landeskonservatorium innsbruck since 1998 (jazz guitar and improvisation).

Selected discography:
Hornitschek: mut (2000); jazz orchester tirol: neue lieder(2003); mn5: beauty farm(2003)

Contact information:
martin nitsch
schopfstr.13, 6020 innsbruck/ austria

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