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Nolet, Jim

Nolet, Jim (James Michael), violin; b. Dallas-Fortworth, TX, 11 December 1961. He's married to Maria Angelica Castello Nolet from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although Nolet lived in Brazil for a time, he resided most of his life in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York. He is the son of Patricia Jean and Thomas Lincoln Nolet, both from Boston, born of Irish Immigrants. He has 2 brothers, David Allen (b. 3-13-57  Dallas-Fortworth, Texas) and Thomas Lincoln, Jr. (b. Boston, MA 05-15-52), and 2 sisters, Hilarie Jean (b. 11-24-49, Chicago, MA) and Barbara Anne (b. 5-01-55, of Boston, MA).

Nolet is a recording artist, performer and educator known internationally as a composer and improviser in world and jazz idioms. He began his study of classical violin at age 7, and by age 13 had begun improvising and playing professionally while continuing his classical studies. His later training extended from the Juilliard School to Cornish Institute of the Arts, where he studied privately with master bassist Gary Peacock ('80's). He also studied with: Thomas Rodrique '70's Professor Linzer 80's, Dr. Huber 80's, Art Lande 80's, Al Galante 80's, Eddie Bobe (percussion) 90's. Nolet's jazz identity took shape in the workshops, studios and clubs of Manhattan, where his work in mainstream, bop and Latin music circles ensured development of a jazz foundation that is both solid and diverse. Nolet has performed and presented his works at such venues as Lincoln Center in New York, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Lucerna Hall in Prague, and Club Bird in Japan. He has performed, recorded and toured throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, Latin America and Canada; with such jazz notables as David Murray, John Purcell, John Hicks, Tim Hagans, The Jazz Passengers, Don Byron, Joanne Brackeen, Marc Ribot, Hamiet Bluiett, Cecil Taylor, Don Cherry, and others. Nolet's also known for performing/presenting benefit concerts for Cancer and AIDs organizations. He also participated in Music Arts therapy programs for disabled Senior Citizens for The Hebrew Home for the Aged in Bronx, NY, Elderserve, and various others.

In 1987 Nolet also founded, with Bern Nix, a school for traditional and modern Jazz studies called the Composer's Improviser's Workshop in New York City which terminated in 1995. Besides Nix and Nolet some of the faculty included David Murray, Glenn Moore, Fred Hopkins, Eddie Bobe, Jay Rodrigues, Roy Campbell and others. While on tour Nolet also presented the CIW at Colleges and venues in Canada, Brazil and the US.
DownBeat cited Nolet in its "International Critics Poll" for "Talent Deserving Wider Recognition", also awarding him a "4 star" rating for composition. Collaborating with Brazilian artist Rodrigo Rodrigues, Nolet founded and began working the Brazilian-Jazz band, "Arco Voz" in Brazil in 2000 Released Arco Voz in 2001 and premiered a US tour in the fall of 2002. Presently back in Brazil performing and working on a new CD hopefully to be released in 2007.

With You (1993); String Faced (1995); Syzygy (1998); Arco Voz (2001)

As sideperson:
Jazz Passengers: Broken Night Red Light (1987), Decomposer by a Neck (1989), Implement Yourself (1990), Live at the Knitting Factory (1991), Plain Old Joe (1993), In Love (1995); Michael Bisio: Undulations (1999); John Bruschini: The Way We Were (2000); Howard Mandell: History Of Jazz (2000); Seigen Ono: Paris (1992); Marc Ribot: Musical Vignettes (1998); Diedre Murray: Running Man (1999), Fangs (2001), Brutal Imagination (2001); David Casper: Dusk (1983); Rob Brown: Listen (1984); Nickelodeon: Blues Clues (1998); Nick Balaban: Meals On Wheels (1997); Amazon.Com Music Soundtrack: Let's Get Lost (2000); Lounge Lizards (recorded 1987)

Radio, television, film and theater work:
1989 International TV in Prague; 1989 RAI TV Milano Italy w/ Jazz Passengers; 1990 Munich TV/GE, NPR; 2000 -spot for Arco Voz recording; Soundtrack for Jacob Bergahrdt's "Landlord Blues" 1988; Live PS 133 WKCR concert; 1995 NYC: Stringfaced: Jim Nolet, Diedre Murray, Fred Hopkins; 1995 Live Radio Broadcast On tour Jim Nolet Trio with Glenn Moore and Calvin Weston: KUSP Santa Cruz, Local cable broadcast produced by Samantha Dorfman of "Bern Nix and Jim Nolet Double Quartet" Live at "the Middle East" (Boston, MA) June 1991; Jazz Musicals performed and filmed off and on Broadway include "Jazz Passengers In Egypt" 1990 at La Mama Theate,. 1997 Jim Nolet and John Bruschini Key West TV, JohnDiedre Murray's "Brutal Imagination" / Lincoln Center Archived, "Running Man"/ Lincoln Center Archived, "Fangs"/ Lincoln Center Archived 2000

Unissued recordings and films/videos:
" Live unreleased recording Albert Ayler Festival 9-20-96 of combo with Jim Nolet, Diedre Murray, Sonny Murray, Amiri Baraka and Joseph Jarman. Unreleased recording of "New York Is Now" featuring Jim Nolet, David Murray, Bern Nix, Calvin Weston, Fred Hopkins, and Brad Jones, April 1996, 13 hours of private film from New York City Loft concerts from '80's to mid '90's. Unreleased New York String Improviser's Orchestra led by Jim Nolet and conducted in part by Butch Morris and John Zorn.

Profiles and articles:
Anthony Barnett Profile The Fable Bulletin, No. 11, 1999, Vol. 4, "Jim Nolet and Regina Carter"
Pulse Cover Article Feature/M.C. John Deliberto: February 1994
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The Houston Press preview CD and 1994 tour

Contact information:
NYC: 212-865-3480
Residence in Brazil:
Ph: 3571-2777
Rua Sao Benedito 725 #151
Sao Paulo- SP 04735-001 Brazil

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