Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Ogilve, Brian

Ogilve, Brian, tenor and alto sax, clarinet; b. Ottawa, ON, 20 March 1954.

1956, moved to Vancouver. St Augustine Catholic Elementary School. From grade 8 to 12: Kitsilano High School. First played clarinet at age 13 in grade 8 band. Quit after only one year because not serious about music, more interested in sports. Father dies when Brian only 13 years old. Large family with 7 children: Don (1949), John (1950), Ken (1951), Brian(1954), Elaine (1956), Bobby (1958), Joanne (1961). Musical family: Don, Guitar, Viola; John, Cello; Kenny, Bass, Brian, Clarinet, Tenor & Alto Sax; Elaine, Flute, Soprano & Alto Sax; Bobby and Joanne didn't take up music seriously. Started playing seriously at age 16, took classical lessons. Also at age 16 played in first jazz band, the Lionsgate Jazz Band. Went back to High School band, played in concert band and stage band. 1970, first paying gig: $10 at a legion hall with the Lions Gate Jazz Band. 1970 - 1974, played with Lions Gate Jazz Band. 1974, formed the Westside Feetwarmers. 1974, formed Hot Club. Formed or joined other traditional jazz bands. Hot Jazz Society, a non profit society was started in 1971 by Lions Gate Jazz Band leader Dave Todd; gave young musicians like Brian steady venue to play. 1974 -1975, Vancouver City College, first year classical clarinet, second year with Canadian saxophone jazz great Fraser McPherson. Played different styles of jazz including bebop and more modern jazz. 1975, the Hot Jazz Society leases its own place, traditional jazz 3 or 4 nights a week with different bands. Brian was member of many of the bands. Lots of opportunity to play. First recording, Hot Jazz - West Side Feetwarmers and the Phoenix Jazzers. May 1976, first jazz festival, Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee, with the Hot Jazz Allstars. Played 3 times at the Hot Jazz Club with the legendary Joe Darensburg. Also once with Wingy Manone. 1976, played with Dan Barrett, Bert Noah, Jim Goodwin, Ray Skelbret and Mike Duffy. August 1977, Summer Jazz Workshop at Banff, study with Eddie Daniels. 1978, played tenor sax with Dave Robbins Big Band. 1978, first gig with two brothers, Don on guitar and Kenny on Bass - The Ogilvie Trio; U.B.C. Summer concerts. November 1978, leaves Vancouver, destination Europe. Spring 1979, back in Canada, Toronto. First gig in Toronto with Pete Savory's group, The Louisiana Joy Makers. August 1979, joins Climax Jazz Band for one year. 1980's, clubwork in Toronto, working with Jazz greats Art Hodes, Johnny Guarnieri, Dick Wellstood, Oliver Jones, and Doc Cheatham. 1980, The Ogilvie Brothers reunited after Don and Kenny move to Toronto. May 1981, joins New Black Eagle Jazz Band on a temporary basis until Nov. 1981. 1982, joins Jim Galloways Wee Big Band. 1982, starts working with Shox Johnson and The Jive Bombers. 1982, joins Tom de Moraes Big Band. May 1983, plays 'One Mo' Time' for a ten months run at the Village Gate. 1984, one month Canada council grant to study with Eddie Daniels in N.Y.C. 1984 - 1987, freelance in Toronto; formed group Crazy Rhythm; steady groups like the ones mentioned above; Jazz festivals. May 1988 and May 1989, formed a group for the Victoria Jazz Party - The Canadian All Stars (Roy Reynolds, Don Clark, Skip Beckwith, Ian Barge, Frank Wright, Jack Fulton, and Duncan Scott). Before 1992, gigs around Toronto, jazz festivals, recordings, etc. 1993, Jazz report Award: Clarinetist of the year. September 1992, moves to San Antonio to join Jim Cullum Jazz Band, plays with band exclusively until 1996; steady six nights a week at Jim Cullum's Landing Jazz club. Road trips. Weekly national radio show on American Public Radio "Riverwalk Live from the Landing". Pops concerts with many American symphonies. January 1996, starts a year and a half gig on the Mississippi Queen riverboat. March 1996, moves to New Orleans, when in town plays with Wallace Davenport, BanuGibson and many others. Plays at jazz festivals and tours with a variety of groups and as an individual at jazz parties. 1998, switches boats to the Delta Queen to play with Connie Jones, legendary New Orleans cornettist. 1998 - present, many jazz recordings, all will be listed in the discography. September 1999, Dan Barrett's Blue Swing is formed and records first disc. Many upcoming tours and festivals. Married in 2001 for the second time. Wife: Kerstin Honer zu Bentrup, Ph.D., Scientist. No kids, but a ferocious black cat. Current instruments:   Tenor: Selmer Super Balanced Action (1954). Clarinet: BT (ca 1930s). Alto: Mark VI (ca.1970s).

Major Festivals
Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee: May 1976, - Hot Jazz Allstars; 1977 - 1978, West Side Feetwarmers; 1981, New Black Eagle Jazz Band; 1993, Jim Cullum Jazz Band; 1998, Alan Fredrickson Jazz Band
Central City Jazz Festival: August 1979, Climax Jazz Band; August 1986, Grand Dominion Jazz Band
Summit Jazz: September 1979, Climax Jazz Band; September 1993, 1994, 1995, Jim Cullum Jazz Band
Edinburgh International Jazz Festival: August 1981, New Black Eagle Jazz Band: August 1988, 1989, Grand Dominion Jazz Band; August 2002, Dan Barret's Blue Swing
Terrific Jazz Party: April 1984, Rainbow Jazz Band; 1985, Ogilvie Brothers; 1989 - 1991, Canadian Allstars
Molson Toronto International Jazz Festival: June 1984, Ogilvie Brothers Jazztet and as individual performer. Notable performances with Kenny Davern and Jim Galloway
Calgary Jazz Fest: June 1987, Ogilvie Brothers Jazztet
Du Maurier Downtown Jazz: 1988, 1989, 1992, Ogilvie Brothers Jazztet; 1998, 1999, 2002, Individual performer
Brecon Jazz, Wales: 1988, 1989, 1992, Grand Dominion Jazz Band
Marciac, France: 1991, 1992, Grand Dominion Jazz Band
San Francisco Jazz Fest: 1994, Jim Cullum Jazz Band
Jacksonville Jazz Festival: 1994, Jim Cullum Jazz Band
March of Jazz: 1996, 1997,  2002, 2003, individual performer.
Notableperformance: sax extravaganza with Flip Philips, Harry Allen, Jerry Jerome, Scott Robinson
Ascona Jazz Festival: 2000, 2001, Dan Barrett's Blue Swing
Triangle Jazz Part: 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001. Individual performer.
Notable sessions with Dave Frishberg, Plas Johnson, Rick Fay, Dave McKenna
LA Sweet and Hot: August 1999, Blue Swing and as individual
Playboy Jazz Festival: June 2001, Banu Gibson
Oslo Jazz Festival: August 2002, Blue Swing
Swinging Jazz Party: May 2003, Individual performer
French Quarter Festival: 1996-2003, performed with Banu Gibson, Clive Wilson, Lars Edegran, Chris Tyle and others
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: 1996- 2002,  performed with Wallace Davenport, Banu Gibson, Clive Wilson, and Lars Edegran.

Major Tours:
New Black Eagle Jazz Band: May 1995, France and Germany
Grand Dominion Jazz Band: August 1991, 1992, Scotland, England, France
New York Allstars: October 1996, Germany
New Orleans Spice: November 1999, Japan
Ralph Sutton Allstars: October 1999, Germany
Allstar Jazz Sextett: October 2001, Germany
Duke Heitgers Steamboat Stompers: July 2002, Finland

Ogilvie Brothers Jazztett (1985), Djangoesque (1990); For You (1999)
As sideperson:
Westside Feetwarmers: Hot Jazz, recorded live at Hot Jazz (1975), Forty years too late (1997-1978); The New Black Eagle Jazz Band at Symphony Hall, Tenth Anniversary Concert (1981); Bob Pilsbury and Friends (1975-1981), Bob Pilsbury and more Friends (1981-1983); Shox Johnson and His Jive Bombers: Professor Bop (1983); "Pam" Pameijer: Jelly Roll Morton 100 years (1986); Bob Pilsbury and Bob Pelland: Irving Berlin Always (1989-1990); The Canadian Allstars: Flying Home (1990); Jim Cullum Jazz Band: Fireworks, Red, Hot and Blues (1992-1996), Battle of the Bands: San Antonio vs. New Orleans (1994), The Bessie Smith Story (1994), Hot Jazz for a cool Yule (1995), New York New Year's Eve (1992-1996), American Love Songs (1992-1996), Deep River (1992-1996); Dan Barrett and the Extra Celestials: Moon Song (1995); Randy Sandke, New York All Stars: Count Basie Remembered, Vol.1 & 2. (1996); Joe Ascione: My Buddy, a Tribute to Buddy Rich (1996); Curtis Calderon e: Only trust your Heart (1996); Bob Wilber Big Band: Bufadora Blow Out (1996); John Sheridan's Dream Band: Something Tells Me (1997); Mike Owen and his Woodland Jazz Band: Without you for an inspiration, Mr. Ory (1998); Hal Smith's Creole Serenaders: Sweet Little Papa (1998); Paul Asaro & Chris Tyle: The Fats Waller Rhythm Project (unreleased, 1998); Duke Heitger and His Swing Band: Rhythm is Our Business (1998-99); Ralph Sutton & Friends: Sweet Sue. At tribute to Fats Waller. (1999); Dan Barrett's Blue Swing: Blue Swing (1999); Connie Jones' Crescent City Jazz Band: Sweet, Hot and Blue (1999); John Sheridan's Dream Band: Make Me Dream Some More (1999); Brian Shaw:Night Owl (2000); Ronnie Magri and his New Orleans Jazz Band: Shim Sham Revue (2001); New Orleans Spice: Parade of Classics (2001); Al Bernard Big Three (2002); John Sheridan's Dream Band: Get Rhythm in Your Feet (2002); Banu Gibson & Bucky Pizzarelli: Steppin' Out (2002)

"Brian Ogilvie:'Pilgrim's' Progress" in The Mississippi Rag, July 2000

Contact information:
Brian Ogilvie
1116 Dauphine St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone: (504) 566-0173

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