Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Oki, Itaru

Oki, Itaru, trumpeter, b. Suma, Hyogo, Japan, 20 September 1941. 

The son of a koto teacher, Oki began his trumpet studies as a child with help from star trumpeter Fumio Nanri.  As an engineering student in Osaka, he played in Dixieland bands before moving to Tokyo in 1976 to play with Kosuke Mine, the Stardusters big band, and Mitsuaki Kanno.  He got involved with the avant-garde when he joined percussionist Masahiko Togashi's ESSG band in 1979.  Since 1984 Oki has lived in France, leading his own group at European festivals.  Oki is also interested in the manufacture of trumpets and collects a variety of the instruments.

Trio By Trio + 1; Mirage; Opera Night (1986)

Entry by ATKINS

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