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Overwater, Tony (Antonides Franciscus)

Overwater, Tony (Antonides Franciscus), bass player, composer; b. Rotterdam, NL, 24 March 1965. His father is Jack Overwater and his mother is Nelly Plugge. His brother, Ruud Overwater, born 15 March 1967, is a designer (also designer of most of Tony's CDs).

Tony studied with John Clayton, Essiet Okun Essiet, Jacques Schols, Ray Brown, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden and Niels Henning Pedersen. As a composer, he writes for his own groups but also for documentaries and modern dance. His musical styles range from jazz to improvised music, from arabic music to classical contemporary music. Recently Tony also picked up the Ud (Arabic lute) and started studying Arabic music. His career set off early while he was still studying at the conservatory. In 1989 he received the most promising Dutch Jazzmusician award (the Podium Prize) and he was asked to tour and record with Sunny and David Murray. Soon after that he became a member of the Yuri Honing Trio which is still one of his main working bands. He has been working with a wide variety of musicians and artists since. To name a few; Ack van Rooyen, Misha Mengelberg, Paolo Fresu, Sylvie Courvoisier, Gilbert Paeffgen, Dave Burrell and many others.
Recently Tony set up his own group with Ack van Rooyen, Maarten Ornstein and Wim Kegel. Overwater's sound and unique way of playing has established him as a remarkable bassplayer. His present stage perfomance is widely appreciated and makes him not only a gifted sideman but also a remarkable solo performer. He plays a double bass that's 150 years old, a French unsigned bass. He's played with Marjorie Barnes, Dave Burrell, Gene Carl, Thomas Chapin, Roberto Gato, Michel Godard, Mike del Ferro, Pierre Favre, Paulo Fresu, Yuri Honing, David Liebman ,Joost Lybaart , Misha Mengelberg, Idris Muhammed, David Murray, Sunny Murray, Gilbert Paeffgen, Ernst Reyseger, Marc van Roon , Ack van Rooyen, Erwin Vann, Peter Waters and others. He's recently working with the Yuri Honing Trio , Dufay, Treya Quartet, Joshua Samson , Anouk van Dijk, Tony Overwater trio, and Ack van Rooyen. He tour with the OP group in fall 2001 with Ack van Rooyen on Bugel. He did two weeks in Ronnie Scotts' in London and Birmingham with David Murray Quartet. He's done tours with YHT and other groups through Austria, Belgium, China, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria and the United States. He's the founder and co-director of Jazz In Motion foundation in Holland, an organization for and by musicians promoting Progressive Jazz. He's an MTN boardmember and works for JazzFacts, Holland's biggest Jazz site. In 1992 Tony Overwater made several tours with the Sunny Murray quartet and recorded several CD's with Dutch groups such as The Yuri Honing Trio and Zut Alors! and made his first recording with David Murray for the well known Italian label Black Saint. In the same year he toured with the David Murray Quartet, with Idris Muhammed and Dave Burrell, throughout Great Britain, playing one week in the Ronnie Scott's Jazzclub. A month later his first moviescore, written for the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang, was performed live with the movie at a big culture festival in Holland. In 1993 Tony Overwater started 2 projects in which he combined avant-garde silent movies from the beginning of this century with Contemporary Jazz performed live with his quartet. The Joris Ivens project combined Overwater's music with short movies from the Dutch cineast Joris Ivens. In the Cinema Pur Project French movies, from directors like Man Ray and Germaine Dulac, were used in the same way, fusing these two art-forms together. In 1995, he was asked to write music for two Jazz festivals in Holland. For the Jazzmarathon in Groningen he wrote and performed with an octet his Hyper Music Project '95, featuring, among others, Sylvie Courvoisier and Thomas Chapin. For the Bass festival in Arnhem he wrote a suite for bass flute, bass clarinet, acoustic bass and bass drum. In November he attended the Music meeting in Baden Baden where he recorded and played with a wide variety of musicians from all over the world. Early 1996 Tony Overwater started collaborating with dancer/choreographer Anouk van Dijk. They created a piece for dancer and bassplayer called Ex/imago in which they experimented with instant composing/choreographing, in Ex/imago they combined improvisation with structured matter. In 1996 Tony Overwater made several extensive tours with the trio DelFerro/Overwater/Paeffgen and the Yuri Honing Trio. With the Yuri Honing Trio they toured throughout Finland, Canada and Malta playing on several big festivals. In 1997 Tony Overwater was asked to compose for the choreographer Anouk van Dijk for a new ballet called Eter/Ether. Again he toured extensively through out Europe and North America with the Yuri Honing Trio and Delferro/Overwater/Paeffgen.. Spring '97 Tony Overwater toured with Scapino, one of Holland's top modern ballet companies. In autumn '97 he was invited to perform on the opening of the European Filmfestival in Nairobi (Kenya) with his movie-project C inema Pur. 1998 contained two exotic tours with the Yuri Honing Trio. In May they went to China to play in Beijing and ShangHai. In September they went to the Middle East to play in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Tony composed a contemporary piece for Mezzo-soprano and acoustic bass called Le Petit Prince based on the French book. He also toured with a group with Michel Godard, Misha Mengelberg en Swiss drummer Pierre Favre. In June his new group V played at the Holland Festival in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam playing music from Joni Mitchell. Later that year the group also played at the North Sea Jazz festival and the Jazz Marathon in Groningen. That year he also recorded with a new group called the Treya Quartet. 1999 found the Yuri Honing Trio toured in Scotland England and Ireland in February and went for a festival in Georgia (former USSR) in November. The year 2000 started with a tour to Australia with the Yuri Honing Trio. In July Tony went on tour with the group Vandoorn to Canada. September 2000 he was part of the theatre production 'Entertainment' by the Barre Land. The music was composed by Maarten Ornstein en performed live. The musicians were an active part of the play. In October the Yuri Honing Trio did another tour in Georgia. In December Tony Overwater was asked to compose music for a children's production in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It was a co-production with a well-known writer of childrens book, Max Velthuis. The music was played live by a quintet while the author read and drew his stories. In January 2001 Maarten Ornstein and Tony Overwater went to Las Vegas. The Yuri Honing did 2 tours spring 2001, one to Switzerland and one to England and Scotland. In the same period the Tony Overwater trio started playing, they played a week in Pompoen, a new jazzclub in Amsterdam and they performed with Ack van Rooyen and Ernst Reyseger at the North Sea Jazz festival. 11th of september 2001 was the start of new project of the Yuri Honing trio, The Orient Express . This project brings together two musical cultures of seemingly opposite directions, the classical Arabic music and European progressive jazz. The Yuri Honing Trio invited three young musicians from the Middle East. Rima Khcheich an singer from Lebanon, who is specialised in Classic Arabic songs, Bassem Havar, a djoser player and Latif al Obeidy, a multitalented percussion and ud player both from Iraq. In December the Orient Express tours through the Middle East. The collaboration with Singer Rima Kh cheich inspires Tony Overwater to transfer arabic lute techniques to the bass. He studies Arab quarter tone scales and the maqam improvistation techniques. In early 2002 Tony Overwater toured with his quintet and Max Velthuis, writer of children's books. They perform in many theatres in Holland and the friendship between the 79 year old Max Velthuis and the group grows. The friendship also results in a concert at the North Sea Jazzfestival where Joshua Samson was asked to perform. Joshua invited Max Velthuis to announce the group and make a large drawing while they played. The concert also included 10 percussion players, 2 dancers and a rapper. In March 2002 the Tony Overwater Groups with Ack van Rooyen tours trough Switzerland. In May 2002 Tony was asked to play in a new group in Switzerland with Dutch saxophone player Jasper Blom and two Swiss musicians, Samuel Rohrer and Patrick Muller. In October the Italian based group Dufay releases its first cd and play several concerts in Venice, Ancona and Padova.

Tony's son Kaili Burton Overwater was born 21st of June 1995.

Motion Music (1994); Delferro/Overwater/Paeffgen: Evening train (1994), Dices (1997); Up Close (1999); OP (2000)
As sideperson:
Release '88: restless skies (1988); Findley Brothers: relaxing (1989); Scapes: Changes In Time (1989); Nelly Pouget: le dire (1990): Zut Alors!: Pie Dough (1991); David Murray:  A sanctuary within (1992); Yuri Honing 3: A matter of conviction (1992); Marc van Roon: We won't forget (1992); Amsterdam Drama: Drama in Concert (1994); Olaf Tarenskeen Group: More to Life... (1994); Marc van Roon with David Liebman: Falling Stones (1994); Planet Thang: Beyond Appearance (1995); The Yuri Hong Trio: Gagarin (1995); The Yuri Honing Trio: Star Tracks (1996); Michel Godard: Una Mora (1996); Scapino Rotterdam: Below Paradise (1997); Sylvie Courvoisier: Ocre (1997); Susanne Abbuehl Group: I am Rose (1997); Scapino/Gene Carl Band: Below Paradise (1997); Treya Quartet: Plays Gabriel Faure (1998); Big Bizar Habit: Le Dirigeable Fantastique (1998); Amsterdam Drama/Maurice Horsthuis: Drama in Concert (1998); Vandoorn: Four borthers (1999); The Yuri Honing Trio: Sequel (1999)

Television and radio broadcasts:
Performance of a children's production in the Concertgeboux was recorded for National TV (VPRO) in 2000; In the fall of 2001 the Trio with special guest Ack van Rooyen toured through Holland and recorded for the National radio (NPS). At the end of October the Treya quartet recorded for the Swiss national TV which was broadcasted December 25.

Made music for 2 documentaries: Een chinees gezicht and zintuigen zijn de voetjes van de ziel

In 2002 he won the VPRO/Boy Edgar Prize, the most prestigious prize in the Netherlands for Jazz and Improvised music. Edison award 2001. Most promising young Dutch jazz musician of the year "Podium Prize 1989", awards with Scapes; Leverkusen '89, Meervaart '89 and Middelsee '89.

Contact information:
Kol. Verveerstraat 19
1411 VB Naarden
the Netherlands
tel: +31 35 6321661

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