Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Owens, Charles

Owens, Charles, tenor saxophone; b. Alexandria, VA, 6 June 1972.

Owens grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia.  He went to high school at Duke Ellington School for the Arts and then moved to Miami to finish high school at New World school of the arts.  He moved to New York in 1992 and enrolled in the New School Jazz program.

His father's name is Charles R. Owens, born in 1945 in Orange Texas. His mother's name is Jeanne Hemby born in 1946 in Louisiana. He has two sisters, Wendy, born Dec. 3 1969 in Texas, and Kellie, born Nov. 11 1968 in Texas. He was married on May 25th of 2002 to Vijay Berry. She was born in New York City in New York Hospital, May 10, 1972.

Jazz Underground: Live at Smalls (1997); Eternal Balance (1998)
As sideperson:
Jason Lindner Big Band: Premonition (1998); Omer Avital Sextet (no title, never released)

Wrote arranged and performed the music for the film "Fly Trap" an independent release

Unissued recordings:
He has hundreds hours of unissued video footage and live gig recordings that have been made from 1989-present.

He has not been interviewed for any publications in the states, however whenever he goes overseas, he is always heavily interviewed by radio, television and the press.

Contact information:
Charles Owens
430 West 160 Street #3
New York, NY 10032

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