Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Patterson, Roy (Wayne)

Patterson, Roy (Wayne), guitarist, composer and educator; b South Alton, Nova Scotia, Canada, 20 March 1954. He grew up on a farm with his father Donald (b 1920), mother Alice (b 1915), grandmother Glennie (b 1880), brother Gary (b 1947) and sister Janet (b 1959).

In the 1970's he played in various commercial bands in Eastern Canada and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1978 to pursue his interest in jazz music. He studied guitar with Howard Spring and in 1979 attended York University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1984. His principal mentor at York U. was Prof. John Gittins. During and after university he worked as a freelance guitarist in Toronto, and was a civilian member of the Royal Regiment of Canada big band. In 1989 he began composing his own music and forming his own bands, and began an association with Unity Records, a musician-run label.

Throughout the 1990s Roy toured Canada several times and released a total of five CDs under his own name. In 1996 his quartet played at the Festival International de Jazz in Montreal, and won the Prix de Jazz, a substantial prize that included cash, a recording contract, a national radio show for the Francophone CBC network and a concert at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. The Roy Patterson Quartet with Brian Dickinson piano, Jim Vivian bass and Ted Warren drums, was the first Toronto based band to win this competition. During this period and into the 2000s, he continued working as a freelance artist on the Toronto scene performing with such musicians as Don Thompson, Terry Clarke, Bob Mover, Mike Murley, Dave Young, Doug Riley and other mainstays of the Canadian jazz scene.

Between 1989 and 1992 with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Roy made trips to New York to study with Richie Beirach and John Abercrombie. In 1992 he moved to Montreal for one year of studies at McGill University in pursuit of a Master of Music degree. While there he freelanced with local musicians and taught at McGill University while studying composition with Jan Jarczyk as part of the degree requirements. Upon returning to Toronto in 1993 he began a part time teaching position at the University of Toronto, studied piano with Frank Falco, and after completion of the necessary requirements, obtained the Master of Music degree from McGill University in 1994.

In 1998 Roy became a regular contributor to Just Jazz Guitar magazine, producing four articles a year in the form of guitar lessons for this quarterly publication, as well as contributing interviews. Since then he has performed internationally in Finland, Turkey, Italy, and the U.S. He has recorded several times for C.B.C. radio, most of which has been featured on the national show called Jazzbeat. In 2002 he performed in a series of concerts for the Commission Project in Rochester, New York, appearing on stage with Keeter Betts, John Faddis, Akira Tana, Jay Leonhart and a number of other U.S. musicians. In 2000 he founded the Toronto Jazz Composers Collective, a non profit group of musician/composers whose mandate includes the production and performance of original Canadian jazz and education.

In 2001 he separated from his wife Hsiu-Chuan Hsieh, and continues to be active as a guitarist and composer on the Canadian scene, and maintains a teaching position at the University of Toronto. He has two sons; Jeremy (b 1992) and Martin (b 1994)

The Release (1989); The Acadiana Suite (1992); The Coming of Angels (1995); Inland Passages (1996); On a Cloud (with Ingrid Jensen) (1999)
As sidepesrson:
Paul Tobey: Wayward (1998); Compilation CDs on UP Records and Justin Time; John McGarvie with Jazz Strings, archival recording (unissued)
Radio and television broadcasts:
numerous radio sessions for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dating back to 1990
one hour TV special for Bravo, 1996
du Maurier Concert Stage (TV) 1996

Prix de Jazz, Festival International de Jazz, Montreal, 1996
The Jazz Report Award, Guitarist of the Year, 2000
Opus Award (Opus Magazine) On a Cloud, Best Jazz Instrumental Recording of 1999 

Publications: Just Jazz Guitar, interview, issue #14, Feb. 1998
Words and Music, Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, interview, volume 4, number 3, 1997
The Jazz Report, featured composer, fall 1996
Jazz (Turkish publication) interview, May 1999, issue 14
Just Jazz Guitar, contributor of guitar lessons and interviews since 1998 (including interviews with Sonny Greenwich, Giuseppe Continenza, Linda Manzer et al)
The Miller Companion to Jazz in Canada, profile, 2002

Endorsements: Manzer Guitars, Hill Guitar Company

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